Thursday, March 21, 2013

Useful Tips for CMA Fest 2013 Attendees (Especially CMA Virgins)

If you've never been to CMA Fest, you are in for a great time so here are a few tips to help you prepare from someone who's been:

Tip #1: Pre-plan, be aware and know what you want to do. There's alot to miss if you don't. This is 4 days of country music madness, a country fan's 5 star restaurant with lots of choices on the menu. Don't spend your time figuring out what to do, figure that out before you get there.

Tip #2: Bring lots of film, HUGE memory card, extra camera batteries. You WILL Need them. Keep your camera with you at ALL times, celebrities are everywhere, on the street, in restaurants, grocery stores and even public restrooms (but I don't recommend asking for a photo while in there. LOL)

Tip #3: Don't dress like a skank ho. It gets you laughed at, pointed at & hit on by men w/ 1 dangly tooth named Cletus. I think that's self explanatory.

Tip #4: Bring comfortable shoes, LOTS of walking. I mean MILES of walking on HOT pavement.

Tip #5: Bring your own sharpie and what you want signed, you never know who you'll see or where. Again, you may see a celebrity in a restroom, let's not pull out the sharpie there, ok?

Tip #6: Be respectful of those around you, even those overzealous obsessed fans who push and shove to get to their "best friend" celebrity. Let them be the ones to look like an ass, not you. Just let it go, step back and let 'em go.

Tip #7: If you see a celebrity with their family or in a "private moment" outside of the CMA madness, please leave them alone. There are places and times to approach and fawn all over them, private moments are not those times. Be mindful of their privacy. Look for them later at an autograph signing event where it's appropriate.

Tip #8: Be aware of your surroundings. While Nashville is amazing, it's also dangerous if you're in the wrong place. Don't walk alone in unknown areas or at all if you can help it, use the buddy system. If someone's following you, make sure you move to a populated area. Don't be afraid to scream or be loud if you feel threatened.

Tip #9: Have FUN. Don't get bogged down with things, let loose and enjoy all that CMA Fest has to offer.

Tip #10: The Nashville airport is a magnet for celebrities following CMA Fest. Some are getting out of town to visit family, some are just taking a break. CMA Fest is over at this point and you had 4 days to find them and get your pic taken and get your autograph. Give them some space when it's all over with and let them breathe. Imagine if you were hunted continuously for 4 days by thousands of hungry fans. Let them enjoy the time to themselves. Your time is over.