Friday, March 20, 2015


ARTIST: Eric Paslay with Special Guest Dean Alexander
VENUE: Prospector's - Mt. Laurel, NJ
DATE: March 7, 2015
Photo Credit: John Lisa / Lovin' Lyrics
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It's a well known fact to most country fans that a show by Eric Paslay is gonna be outstanding, but throw in Dean Alexander and you just doubled the amount of awesome that should ever be allowed for one show. With this much talent, charisma and vocal ability, it's enough to make you want an encore or two or three.

Dean Alexander opened the show with the perfect accompaniment, his guitar. Dean has a fantastic stage presence, very "in your face" and consistent. He doesn't just sit and strum a guitar, he owns the stage. His single "Live a Little" had everyone in the room moving and living a lot! Dean has a way of connecting with an audience from the get go, there is no having to warm up a crowd, at least not this one, they were ready from the first note. With a smile that warms the coldest room and a presence that commands attention, Dean rocked the hell out of the stage and brought in a whole new group of fans. Fantastic performance! Why this guy isn't all over radio still baffles me, we need to get that problem corrected pronto! Unfortunately we were unable to get any photos of Dean's performance as he started during dinner!

Now let's talk Eric Paslay ... I could go on and on for days about this guy but I'll limit it to a simple review. HE IS THE SONGWRITING BOMB. End of review. No, just kidding, I have so much more to say when it comes to this guy. Having first caught Eric at a show a couple of years back, I knew that he was born red-headed for a reason, he has a fire, a spark, he's a force that no one will ever be able to reign in when it comes to his music and his talent. He does it his way and it's paid off. Does he have to rely on stage antics, filler, or other distractions to put on a good show? Nope, all this 6'6' gentle giant of talent has to do is walk on stage with his quite smile and he's immediately got your attention. His music is anything but gentle. He kicks your ass in a simple way by simply opening his mouth and drawing you into the stories he tells through his music. He had the crowd's complete attention and had every eye focused on the stage and every voice singing along with the familiar songs like "Friday Night", "Never Really Wanted". "Song About a Girl", "Less Than Whole" and his current emotional smash single "She Don't Love You" as well as songs he wrote that were hits for other artists like Jake Owen's "Barefoot Blue Jean Night", "Crazy Girl" by Eli Young Band to name a couple. Prospectors may be a restaurant, but the menu tonight consisted of one hell of a musical appetizer from a great opener followed by the prime entree by Eric. No one left hungry tonight, everyone was full of excitement and musical appreciation.

If either of these artists come to your area, go. No questions asked, just go.

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