Friday, February 3, 2012


Joe Bonsall
Member of the legendary Oak Ridge Boys 
Published author

"No one is more on top of music and those who strive to create more than LL. Her tireless efforts to promote new artists is much appreciated. There is so much great talent out there needing to be heard and Jenn is ON IT like no other! All of the Oak Ridge Boys appreciate her love and support for the older guys as well... :) "

Duane Allen
Lead singer of the legendary Oak Ridge Boys

"The music industry is in good hands and well served with Jennifer, a lady with passion for the heart and soul of music."

#1 Songwriter ("She's Country - Jason Aldean)

"It reads "Witty, Blunt and Honest" I tend to pay attention! You were all three in your reviews. Thanks for taking the time with my music!"

Singer / Songwriter 
Former member of Williams Riley Band 
Former touring musician with Journey

 "Being an independent musician brings all the same responsibilities as any other self employed business and challenges you to tackle your priorities as each day brings a new list. So often, though, amongst the traveling and money matters a disconnect can occur with keeping your fans interested in what you're up to each day. LL's services enables you to keep an ever more important media presence going consistently to your fans. That media presence translates to better exposure and, ultimately, better sales. No one does it better and with more personal flair than LL. Thanks for all you do!"

Lee Gibson - Nashville Singer / Songwriter

"Jenn Smith/Lovin' Lyrics is a great friend to both indie and major label artists. She takes great care in making sure each artist receives a "fair shake" when it comes to his/her music, event, or promotion. She would be an asset to any artist that hired her."

Amanda French 
Former Publicist at Essential Broadcast Media

“Jennifer frequently writes show reviews and does Q&As with our company's music artists-- and every story is always great. She understands constrained time schedules and is not pushy, and she consistently promotes our artists positively and effectively in her writing. Highly recommend working with her-- she is also a sweet soul!”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Entertainer/Songwriter Roaddawg, LLC

“Jennifer is "The Real Deal"." 

Vocalist, Songwriter, Instrumentalist (Former Lead Vocalist for Tower of Power, current lead vocalist for Funk Filharmonic and the White Sox All Star Band)

“I've known Jennifer for a few years now and I can tell you... she knows her business... She is honest and passionate when it comes to music and the artists she supports. She's also a straight shooter, which is a good thing to find in this business.... a class act....”

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