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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


After A Multi-Year Hiatus Paved with Personal Struggle and Conviction, The Duo is Back Together and Poised for a Fresh Start

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 31, 2015) – In a revealing new video, David Tolliver and Chad Warrix of country music duo Halfway To Hazard come clean about the painful past that caused their split and multi-year career hiatus, as they stood on the ledge of becoming one of country music’s brightest new stars. In an exclusive report by Country Weekly, David and Chad reveal the emotional backstory that put their career on hold, and how they plan to give their dream in the music spotlight another shot in 2015. Tolliver said, “You get the record deal, you get the single on the radio and you’re on the biggest tour of the summer… what can go wrong?” Watch here.

In 2007, Halfway to Hazard found itself on top of the world with hit song “Daisy,” and an opening slot on one of the hottest tours of the year: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul Tour. Immediately launched into the hot beams of the spotlight at an unstoppable pace, they found themselves out on the Live Your Voice Tour with Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean shortly after. Yet the undeniable pressures of life on the road eventually got the best of the duo, and spawned a personal trial that ultimately tore them apart.

Following Tolliver’s professional rehabilitation, admission of faults and personal healing, came a liberating newfound forgiveness between the two long-time friends. Today, they are ready to turn the page and get back to doing what they do best – making music. With the supportive backing of their peers and long-time supporters like Keith Anderson, Lee Brice, Montgomery Gentry, Randy Houser and more, Tolliver and Warrix are proud to announce that they are officially back together, and ready to bring long-awaited new music to their diehard fans.

“I still feel like we still have some gas left in the tank and we can do this. We’ve got our heads on right and we’re pointing towards the same direction like we were early on,” said Warrix. “It feels different this time,” Tolliver added. “It feels like it’s a fresh start.... It’s time to start back up again.”

Currently wrapping up a show in Las Vegas, NV, they will return to Music City to perform at Douglas Corner on March 31 at 6 p.m., before kicking off a summer-long tour in an effort to bring the fan-favorite songs and high-energy stage presence that originally won the hearts of so many to various markets across the country. In the coming months, catch them on their solo tour, sharing the stage with Montgomery Gentry, and on soon-to-be-announced dates with Craig Wayne Boyd. Full list of dates below:

Halfway To Hazard On Tour:

3.31 Douglas Corner | Nashville, Tenn.
4.09 Tin Roof | Louisville, Ky.
4.10 Kentucky Music Hall of Fame 2015 Induction Ceremony | Lexington, Ky.
4.11 Tin Roof | Lexington, Ky.
4.18 Bank 253 | Pikeville, Ky.
4.23 George Jones Museum Opening | Nashville, Tenn.
4.24 Center For Rural Development | Somerset, Ky.
5.06 Key West Songwriters Festival | Key West, Fla.
5.07 Key West Songwriters Festival | Key West, Fla.
5.08 Key West Songwriters Festival | Key West, Fla.
5.09 Key West Songwriters Festival | Key West, Fla.
5.16 2015 Bloomin' Festival w/Montgomery Gentry| Temple, Texas
6.08 Limelight | Nashville, Tenn.
6.09 CMA Music Festival | Nashville, Tenn.
6.10 CMA Music Festival | Nashville, Tenn.
6.11 CMA Music Festival | Nashville, Tenn.
6.12 CMA Music Festival | Nashville, Tenn.
6.19 Perry County Fair | Hazard, Ky.
6.28 Private Event
7.03 Rough Rider Days with Montgomery Gentry | Dickinson, ND
8.15 Hazard Rotary Club Gala | Hazard, Ky.
10.26 Country On The Beach w/Montgomery Gentry | Key West, Fla.
10.27 Country On The Beach w/Montgomery Gentry | Key West, Fla.
10.28 Country On The Beach w/Montgomery Gentry | Key West, Fla.
10.29 Country On The Beach w/Montgomery Gentry | Key West, Fla.

Additionally, on April 10, Halfway to Hazard will receive a Humanitarian Award at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum 2015 Induction Ceremony for their charitable contributions surpassing one million dollars donated to charities in their home state of Kentucky. They will also volunteer as waiters in the annual ”Waiting for Wishes” charity event in Nashville, Tenn.

In 2014, Tolliver celebrated songwriting cuts from Tim McGraw, Jerrod Niemann and Brantley Gilbert, and Warrix spent the first part of the year on tour with Craig Morgan in support of his solo project. In 2013, McGraw recorded the duo’s self penned and performed “Die By My Own Hand.” They will commence working on a new album in the coming weeks.

Stay up-to-date on all that’s to come from Halfway to Hazard in 2015 by visiting their official website:, and following them on Twitter and Facebook.


SINGLE: "I Got the Boy"
ARTIST: Jana Kramer
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
Follow Alyse on Twitter at @ASmith1300

Jana Kramer’s latest single is a poignant tribute to childhood love and her first kiss. He’s married and on his honeymoon now and she marvels at how he’s grown and reminisces on childhood memories; what growing up together was like. Kramer sings with such eloquent emotion, it makes one wonder what memories she’s tying to the song.

The Michigan native has said that it is about her very own high school sweetheart and one must wonder what he has thought of it, if he has heard it. Surely he sees the beauty in the childhood ruminations that Kramer has so articulately penned. This may very well be the best single she’s released to date, perhaps because of the emotion conveyed and story present. Nostalgia is so infrequently conveyed with such honest reverence, more often relegated to pictures hidden away in a closet or an errant Buzzfeed article of the ‘90’s. Were it more frequently utilized in this manner, such great writing would come of it. Such great stories that one would ache to hear again and again and again. It is said to be an autobiographical album, so if this is the kind of writing present the entire album as well as this single will flourish remarkably. If Jana Kramer keeps up this sort of genuine story-telling combined with striking vocals, there is no telling how far she will go. This should come with a disclaimer though: No drunk texting the ex, just no. Facebook stalking fine. Drunken “hey remember when were in love?” dials or texts, no. Trade phones with your best friend for the night, or leave your phone zipped up in your jacket or something. “I got the long hair, hot head, she got the cool and steady hand.” is an especially great line. It expresses the specific person and memories she has of him, a deeply personal thing that I’m glad she has shared with us.


SINGLE: "Trans Am"
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
Follow Alyse on Twitter at @ASmith1300

Thompson Square’s latest release “Trans Am” is another clever offering from the constantly crafty duo. A tongue-in-cheek song, rife with innuendo it does not disappoint. With rather risqué lyrics Thompson Square starts out with the memorable line “She’s fast, she’s loud, looks pretty damn good with top off.” It takes until the chorus that they let you in on the secret that their Trans-Am is sexier than anything and Kiefer would love nothing more than for you (or you know, Shauna) to take a ride in it. An adventurous song with the “gears grindin’” and them flying faster and faster, hopeful evasion of those patriotic flashing lights and their night or possibly, life is set. A risky exploration into the night, full of daring and the surge of adrenaline, as close to flying as you can get.

Steve McQueen was surely thought of in the writer’s room and if he wasn’t a source of inspiration, he at least would love it. As he was emblematic of that era, muscle cars and black leather jackets, fearless escapades and skillful escapes, so is this song. For in these 3 minutes, Thompson Square has captured the sexy recklessness of the epoch of McQueen and Flynn. As known for their audacity on the screen as well as off of it. If this is just a taste of their upcoming album will hold, then I can surely not wait to see of the other feats they have for us.