Wednesday, May 4, 2022



Believe it or not, promoting music as an independent is very time consuming. It's well worth it though and I wouldn't change a single minute of the time spent doing it. It's a passion that I know will help someone, not only the artists, writers and musicians, but the music affects us as individuals on different levels and any time spent on something that might help someone is time well spent.

I don't have corporate sponsorship or any form of monetization on this site and I don't charge artists or their teams for anything. I travel to cover concerts (most tickets are paid for out of pocket, gas is insane and even hotel rooms have gone up in cost), I spend hours writing articles, doing interviews and concert reviews and share thousands of press releases as well as concert photography. This is all done by one person, me, and it's done in addition to a normal 8 hour job as a corporate travel agent. 

I don't ask for any money for doing this because it negates the reason I do it, the love of music and just wanting to give back to those who create it, however I do appreciate those who do choose to leave a virtual tip. Thank you to those who do leave tips, it's never overlooked and I am always grateful, especially in today's environment. 

I accept tips via Venmo and CashApp

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Thank you!


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