Sunday, January 23, 2011

CD Review: "The Right Road" - Chris Hurt

CD: The Right Road
Artist: Chris Hurt
Label: Independent
Release Date: February 15, 2010

Chris Hurt .... hmmmm .. how to describe how I feel about Chris Hurt’s music? Bombdiggity my friends, simply bombdiggity.

Fresh off the stage as the former vocalist for Colt Ford, Chris made the absolute right decision to focus his effort on his own music and pursue his career as a solo artist. The son of legendary songwriter, Jim Hurt (“Love in the First Degree” – Alabama), the musical talent runs thick in Chris’ veins. With a voice as raspy as a country gravel road, Chris stands out in a sea of amateurs and proves he’s got the stuff to make it happen. God just doesn't bless many people with true, robust, honest talent like Chris’. They have to buy it, take vocal lessons for it and all he has to do is wake up in the morning and say thank you, Lord, and use that money for long necks after his show. This is as honest as music gets. Chris is the real deal.

His cd, “The Right Road”, is named exactly the way it should be because that’s exactly where Chris is headed with his career. The cd only has 6 songs, but those 6 songs are some of the best songs these ears have listened to in a long time. The first track on the cd, “She’s Gone” is an emotional strain about realizing that a relationship is finally over, accepting the fact that it’s ended and just letting go. The second track, “The Right Road”, is a pulsating, resounding rhythm about knowing what path in your life is actually the right one and not letting people and situations dictate which one you take. Every song on the cd is outstanding, however, I had to save the best for last and it also happens to be the last song on the cd, “Paralyzed”. This song is one of those rare songs that grabs you the first time you hear it. You can hear the emotion in Chris’ voice as he sings of being a “changed man” and coming to terms with who he is as a person. I think that’s something we all do in our lives, question who we are, what our purpose is and ,we too, feel paralyzed and unable to figure it out.

Well done Chris, well done my friend. I have this cd up on such a high pedestal that I can only imagine how your next one will be. Can’t wait to hear it.

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I give this cd a hundred out of a hundred HELL YEAH’S!!!!!


tennesseesmokey said...

YES!!!! I agree! We have known Chris for 2 years and totally agree that he did the right thing by going out on his own. If we can just get enough people to hear his music and request their radio stations to play it, I have NO doubt he'll make it to the top! His music is better than most of the cookie cutter music being played today.

Unknown said...

Chris Hurts talent speaks for itself and you will never meet a more genuine person. Hopefully the rest is the world will have the chance to hear his music.