Monday, January 31, 2011

CD Review: "Somewhere Other Than Here" - Lee Gibson

Lee Gibson is charismatic, charming and one of the best natural country voices I've heard come across my speakers in awhile. Signed with Century Music Group, Lee has a proven track record of a successful songwriter with major label cuts as notches on his songwriting belt. His cd, "Somewhere Other Than Here" proves that Lee Gibson has what it takes to also make it as a performer. His vocals are well blended, effortless and polished.

The first track on the cd, "Tennessee Rain", is an upbeat tune with great backing harmonies that immediately brings to mind a style of early Alan Jackson. Remember, back when country was good? The contents of this cd are perfect, not too much twang, not too much boot stompin' and unlike alot of today's music, not one shred of musical arrogance. This is just good sing-along-able, wanna dance, chicken neckin' country music. Y'all know what I mean by chicken neckin', right? Think of a chicken sticking his neck out and strutting around the yard. That's what this makes me do. LOL! There are so many songs on this cd that make it worth the purchase but the tracks that convinced me of that are of course, "Tennessee Rain", "Does She Know", the title track "Somewhere Other Than Here" and "Fever".

You can hear Lee's music on Nixa Country, Nashville's hottest internet country radio station, and on XM Satellite's Nashville 11 channel. Call them and request! You can find Lee's cd at Lee Gibson Music. It's a good find, a shimmering fleck of true country music in a mine loaded with fool's gold.

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