Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feature Artist: Chelsea Rae

Since before she was born music has had a strong influence on Chelsea Rae. Her mother attended a Judd’s concert when she was six months along with her and as the story goes over the years, it has been said that she could feel her kicking along to the rhythm of Kentucky duo.

Since then Chelsea has continued to hold on tight to those early influences of country music's legends like the Judd’s and Wynonna and modern country stars like Taylor Swift, but has also seen her tastes blossom into other genres as she has grown and she can now state pop/rock influences like Kelly Clarkson, P!NK, Katy Perry and Colbie Caillat as well.

Spending her childhood in the Northwest state of Oregon alongside the Santiam River (pronounced Sanni-Am) has also played a tremendous influence on who Chelsea has become as an adult. Some seemed surprised when they find out that Oregon is chalked full of , stereotypical, country living and lifestyle, but rest assured it is and Chelsea's roots are easily seen by one look at her flashy turquoise boots and holey jeans. She loves the outdoor lifestyle, fishing for Salmon and Steelhead, riding dirt bikes, 4-wheeling, jacked up trucks, bonfires, and plenty more. However, it was music that always stuck with her in her heart and soul.

She has been focused on writing and performing songs since she was only 13-years old and in 2008, an 18-year old Chelsea Rae made the big move to Nashville to pursue her dreams of writing and performing her music. She jumped right in and began to work on her craft in-between a busy schedule of school (former Belmont University student) and work. Over the past two years of living in Nashville Rae has been quick to blaze her own trail with the likes of Nashville's finest including co-writing sessions with Walker Hayes (Capitol recording artist), Bo Bice (Former Idol runner-up) and Bridgette Tatum (Co-wrote 2009's most spun song "She's Country"). In the spring of 2009 Rae released her debut EP, "Justice," in memory of fallen classmate and inspiration, Justice Fockler. The five song album gave listeners a sneak peek into Rae's country roots and spit fire attitude with lyrics like "Don't come cryin' to me I see you shakin' in your boots," and “Ask your neighbor for a dollar to cut the grass come Sunday me and dad we were catchin' bass..." Recently Chelsea released her sophomore EP, "Ember," Rae says, "I feel like this stuff is even more me then the first record if that's possible, it's a little more edgy I really look forward to everyone giving it a listen."

Keeping strong with her faith Chelsea recognizes that she is a child of God first and foremost and understands that He is the reason she is here and has accomplished what she has so far as well as what she will in the future. Her goals with her music come from that strong faith background as she simply states "I want to reach people through my music and inspire them to reach higher because there is a plan for all of us and we just have to go get it. Aside from music seeing people live out their dreams is my biggest passion and I plan to incorporate that into my career. Aside from what is we do in the music business which is sell records, for me it really is about being a positive light for all of those I come into contact with. I'm not going to worry so much about genre, I'm just going to play music that comes from the heart and I'll see where that takes me."

NAME: Chelsea Rae
BORN: 11/29/89
GENRE: Country Rock
Former Album: “Justice”
INFLUENCES: The Judds, Wynonna, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Colbie Caillat, P!NK, Katy Perry
WHEN/WHY DID YOU MOVE TO NASHVILLE: August 2008; to pursue my career in country music
2011 GOALS: Landing a publishing deal
LONGTERM GOALS: Inspire people with my music and travel the world while doing it.
FAVORITE SONG: "Rodeo" Garth Brooks
FUN FACTS: Appeared as an extra in the film Country Strong featuring Tim McGraw, Gwyneth Paltrow, Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester.
Auditioned for both American Idol and Nashville Star.
Played first show in Nashville at Hotel Indigo
WORDS TO LIVE BY: "Do something that scares you every day."
Bio courtesy of Chelsea Rae

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