Monday, April 25, 2011

Event (Franklin, TN): Wednesday May 4 - Country Night at Battlefield Brewery Featuring Kyle Jennings, Brian Desveaux, Bigg Vinny Mack and More...

GOING TO BE A GREAT NIGHT OF MUSIC! This is one you'll want to make sure you're a part of.

Wed May 4 - 7:00pm
Country Night at Battleground Brewery
Franklin, TN

Featured Artists: (Twitter ID's listed beside each artist for those who want to follow them online)

Kyle Jennings (@Kalamusician)
Ryan Weber (@RyanWeberMusic)
Brian Desveaux (@Desveaux)
Nicole Johnson (@MusicByNicole)
Jayce Hein (@Jayce_Hein)
Bigg Vinny Mack (@BiggVinnyMack)
Bryan Edwards (N/A)
Lisa Montes (N/A)
Mindy Ellis Campbell (N/A)
David Bradley (@DBradleyMusic)