Monday, May 16, 2011

Win a Randy Houser Autographed Prize Pack

It's giveaway time again and this time ya gotta really work for it. It's Randy Houser and I ain't just making y'all whistle Dixie to get this one. I've got an autographed copy of Randy's latest cd, "They Call Me Cadillac" featuring the title song, "Out Here in the Country" and "Whistlin' Dixie" and an autographed Randy Houser t-shirt (size XL). You can see the pics of the items up for grabs below.

Signed CD - signature in black Sharpie to right above promo label

Front of T-Shirt: Signature in silver Sharpie, upper right near shoulder

Back of T-shirt

As y'all know, Randy has a new single out, "In God's Time" and songs this amazing don't come around every day. It was a hit the night he debuted it at the Ryman to a standing ovation and Randy's fans are making sure it's gonna be a #1 by requesting at nationwide at country radio stations, promoting it on social media sites and telling everyone they know to listen to it.

Contest Details:

Well, here's the deal, even though the single isn't on this cd and the new cd isn't out yet, let's hear what meaningful thing in your life is obviously not happening until God's time. Are you waiting to find the love of your life, are you a struggling musician trying to get your music heard, are you unemployed and looking for a job? Let's hear what you're waiting on.

You can enter 2 ways:

1.) Email your comment entry to If you email your comment, I will post it exactly as received on the site.

2.) Leave your entry as a comment below by clicking on the link that shows the number of comments. This will open up the comment section and allow you to see everyone else's comments and leave your own comment. (There have been some technical issues with this way but if you follow the directions shown, your comment will post and be visible.)

And YES, Randy will see these so make them good! I've already sent those posted to his publicist and she said she will make sure he sees for himself the impact this song is having on people.

The contest runs until Sunday, May 22.

The winner will receive both signed items.

One entry per person.


Jackie said...

In God's time...hopefully the people of Alabama can recover from all the destruction we have received from the recent tornadoes. Sigh...As a Volunteer Worker for Salvation Army, i am confronted with the devastation and reality of this all up Close and Personal. And in God's Time, we WILL make a difference and we WILL rise. In God's time hopefully they way we have all connected after such a storm and have all pulled together lately can continue to be like this. Not just after a storm or disaster, BUT EVERYDAY. And we can Whistle Dixie again! "In God's Time" Has MORE meaning now than Houser probably ever thought. When they have Lights In The Park here in The Shoals, its been played everynight since! Houser, youre a musical genius!!! Love You Much! Throw in a trip to The Doghouse also, and id be one Happy Woman! God Bless America! #WeAreAlabama -Jackie (RanFan1975) Peace, Love, Happiness, and Blessings Y'all! :-) xo

Anonymous said...

Well as a mother, patience is very hard to except sometimes, but for the last 10 months, I have learned that everything happens for a reason. Last October, my 16 yr. old daughter, Victoria, was tested for lupus and it came back positive. Talk about being scard to death, we were devastated. Then I started putting her on prayer list after prayer list through all my family and friends. I knew, In Gods Time... He will relieve her pain. Well, to make a long story short, Victoria was tested again in January. It came back NEGATIVE!! AMEN! Finally after all these months she has been diagnosed with arthritis. She is in pain everyday, but she never complains and keeps a BIG smile on her face. She knows God is in control and He will help her through the pain. She loves music. It is her theropy. So this cd will mean alot to her. Plus she had to write a paper on someone from Ms. Guess who she picked... Randy Houser. :) Dana

Anonymous said...

My name is Steven, i am 35yrs old..I had my license and car when i was a teenager, but i was a driving maniac haha, and i had gotten my license taken away when i was 20yrs old and no car...So, from the age 20yrs old to now, i still have no car and i been walking EVERYWHERE and i recently got my license back like 2yrs ago..I have no help from anyone, im not asking for a free hand out from anyone to just go out and buy me a car..Im just tired of walking everywhere and i aint getting any younger lol..I know everything happens in GODS time,so i will keep walking till GOD think its time for me to get a car lol..But, whether i get a vehicle or not, i will still be able to hear Randy Housers cd..:)

Unknown said...

Danielle here and in god time I will make it be a singer, im unemployed and just trying to get my foot through the door. Helping out a friend that's an artist so one day ill get that in return

Mary Sue Spears said...

In Sept 2004 I had a heart attack. I was just 44 years old when it happen. Young I thought. I was having a heart cath the day of my 45th birthday (Sept 22). The night I received the news. I couldn't have bypass surgery because it wasn't a tune up I needed. I needed a new motor to keep the body. In other words, I need a heart transplant. It didn't hit me right then. I was thinking he must be mistaken. Doc told me the best possible time for one would be in the next 5 years. Before I was 50. However I could drop dead at any time before then. He gave me less than 18 months without one & I'd be gone. No one is promised tomorrow. I know this for a fact! I've had 14 surgeries on my heart alone with difibultors/pacemakers/& infections (stalph). The leads pull out of my heart. The last time in February 2007 I was given a 20% chance to live. I told them take it OUT and don't replace it. I'd take my chances on living without it. My heart rate drops dangerously low sometimes into the 30's. I take my medications daily and if I didn't I can bet you I wouldn't still be here. I live my life to the fullest each and every day its 2011 I passed 18 months long ago. I know I'm getting weaker as the days go by and my heart will never be the same. I just remember "Miracles happen in God's time." Since I heard this song. I'm not scared to die any more. I've made my peace with him.

Raina Smith said...

God's Time is one of my favorite songs by Randy. I cry when he plays it live because of my momma. I KNOW first hand that "miracles happen in God's time". He's tried to take my mom from me 3 times. (1) When she was 400 lbs and having gastrobypass surgery to change her life to a better lifestyle. Her heart stopped midway through surgery. She was clinically dead for a while. I was just 16. (2) When she had her heart attack right before her 45 birthday in September 2004. We later found out she had less than 18 months to live and needed a heart transplant. FYI: MIRACLES HAPPEN IN GOD'S TIME ... She is 51 years old, hasn't had a heart transplant, but she is living life to the fullest! This year (2011) she has even met Randy Houser. (3) January 2005 congestive heart failure. She couldn't breathe and the ER read the XRAYS wrong. I threw a fit to see them. They let me and without any schooling for this or knowing how to read a XRAY I pointed out & showed the doctor what was wrong. He agreed with me. I saved my momma's life because that doctor (Mr. Jake Lambert) listened to me!! ... The moral of my story is everything happens in "God's Time" no matter how tiny or how big. Its a plan for it all. Just like in 2006 with my baby girl. She was late. I knew something was wrong. I had to have an emergency C-Section. Her cord was around her neck TWICE!!! She came out bluish purple. Cried once & I had convinced myself if she did pass away it just wasn't meant to be. No one knows how scary that is until they are faced with it. However she is now 4.5 years old, healthy, & my miracle baby her middle name is Nevaeh which is Heaven backwards. I'll always believe when I doubted him he showed me believe in me. "Miracles Happen In God's Time." Randy, if you read this just know I hope and pray this song makes it to #1 where it deserves to stay for least 2 or more weeks. Thank you for such a great song! See you soon @ the country throwdown.

Anonymous said...

I hope that "In God's Time",he will help me find a way to get the funding that I need to go back to school to become an STNA and be able to help people in nursing homes and in their homes to know that there is someone out there to maybe brighten their day a little and to help them.Pat M.(

mindy1414 said...

I am/have been praying/waiting for the man of my dreams to come into my life. I know God has a plan for me and I know that "In God's Time" he will bring me the "Big & Strong" cowboy I am looking for. Guess I need to learn patients too!! LOL (Twitter mindy1414)

Trey Willeford said...

My name is Trey Willeford.

When I see how folks all over the world are suffering and read the
posts that are already on here, I'm so thankful for my life.
There are folks in Alabama that have lost everything due to no fault of their own, there are folks that have lost loved ones due to war,accidents, and so forth.

I can't say that "In Gods Time", anything in my life could be better compared to some of the folks in the world that are suffering. As a songwriter, I not only listen to songs but I take them in and try to see the message and how it is written lyrically. "In God's Time" is one of the most well written songs I've heard in a long time. The message is very universal in today's time.

If I have to say how it might relate to me personally, my dream, is to sit in a concert hall and hear a song that I have written being sung by the audience along with the artist. "In God's Time", this will happen or as a line in the song says, "he may have
another plan".

Thank You Randy for singing this and it is sure to be a hit. Why did I enter if I don't feel as deserving as some of the others? An East Texas radio personality who now is an impersonator/comedian in Branson
Mo. just found out he has liver cancer. He is loved by many here in East Texas and there is a benefit for him next month and if I were to win, this prize would go as a donation for an auction to help raise money for him.

Ya'll keep doing what you're doing and Thanks again Randy.