Sunday, May 22, 2011

Winner for the Randy Houser Autographed Prize Pack Is .....

Raina Smith! Congratulations to Raina on her winning entry, a true example of how Randy's new single, "In God's Time", has impacted her life. Raina has won an autographed copy of "They Call Me Cadillac", the latest cd from Randy, as well as an autographed tshirt! Thank you to all who entered. We will be doing another contest soon so please stay tuned and continue to support Randy Houser's music.

Here is Raina's winning entry:

God's Time is one of my favorite songs by Randy. I cry when he plays it live because of my momma. I KNOW first hand that "miracles happen in God's time". He's tried to take my mom from me 3 times. (1) When she was 400 lbs and having gastrobypass surgery to change her life to a better lifestyle. Her heart stopped midway through surgery. She was clinically dead for a while. I was just 16. (2) When she had her heart attack right before her 45 birthday in September 2004. We later found out she had less than 18 months to live and needed a heart transplant. FYI: MIRACLES HAPPEN IN GOD'S TIME ... She is 51 years old, hasn't had a heart transplant, but she is living life to the fullest! This year (2011) she has even met Randy Houser. (3) January 2005 congestive heart failure. She couldn't breathe and the ER read the XRAYS wrong. I threw a fit to see them. They let me and without any schooling for this or knowing how to read a XRAY I pointed out & showed the doctor what was wrong. He agreed with me. I saved my momma's life because that doctor (Mr. Jake Lambert) listened to me!! ... The moral of my story is everything happens in "God's Time" no matter how tiny or how big. Its a plan for it all. Just like in 2006 with my baby girl. She was late. I knew something was wrong. I had to have an emergency C-Section. Her cord was around her neck TWICE!!! She came out bluish purple. Cried once & I had convinced myself if she did pass away it just wasn't meant to be. No one knows how scary that is until they are faced with it. However she is now 4.5 years old, healthy, & my miracle baby her middle name is Nevaeh which is Heaven backwards. I'll always believe when I doubted him he showed me believe in me. "Miracles Happen In God's Time." Randy, if you read this just know I hope and pray this song makes it to #1 where it deserves to stay for least 2 or more weeks. Thank you for such a great song! See you soon @ the country throwdown. 

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