Monday, June 27, 2011

CD Review: "Craig Campbell" - Craig Campbell

CD: "Craig Campbell"
Artist: Craig Campbell

Release: April 2011
Label: Bigger Picture

FINALLY some good, no holds barred, honest country music sung the way Conway, Porter and all of Craig Campbell's legendary predecessors worked so hard for. You won't find any bubblegum, hick hop, crossover auto-tuned music here. This is 100% twang, 100% geetar, and 100% country happiness condensed into 11 tracks. Can you sense my excitement over this one? As a fan of the classic country sound, the sound that makes country a genre that stands apart from every other genre, I am thrilled to death over Craig Campbell. He reminds me of the days when country meant something, back when artists like Travis Tritt, Clint Black, and Doug Stone were playing with the windows down while traveling down a dirt road on a 90's summer day.

Craig's first release, "Family Man", was actually released a good six months prior to the entire cd and in most cases, that would be a risky move considering how new singles are coming out left and right these days, leaving a chance for "Family Man" to be overshadowed and possibly overlooked altogether. Fortunately for country music fans, the force was with Craig and the single actually gained momentum before the cd came out. "Family Man" has put Craig on the map and he's a featured artist on the Willie Nelson Country Throwdown Tour crossing the US this summer. The song pays homage to the proud blue collar worker who works long hours for little pay, who doesn't have much but has everything in his family. What a great song. The second song, "When I Get It" is awesome, it's basically telling bill collectors and anyone else trying to grab the little money we all work so hard for to stand in line and wait. LOVE IT! How many times have you wanted to or have you actually told those people they'll get it when you have it? His latest release, "Fish", is taking off like gangbusters after only being out a few weeks. (By the way, we all know it's not really about fishing, Craig. *wink*). The whole cd is filled with country charm and down home warmth and is three chords country with nothing but truth. Thank you Craig for bringing country back and for doing it right.

Final word - SCORE! This is a "must add" for your collection, it's definitely a permanent addition to mine. GO GET IT Y'ALL! NOW! 

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