Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CD Review: "Anything Like Me" - Florida Georgia Line

CD: "Anything Like Me"
ARTIST: Florida Georgia Line
RELEASE DATE: December 2010
LABEL: Florida Georgia Line

This review's gonna be easy because I am totally addicted to this cd and this band.Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley have a chemistry that works and I gotta say, damn it works good! You might travel all over the country to find music this good, but the only place you're gonna find unique, hard rockin', frank, straight-forward music like this is Florida Georgia Line. These guys can crank the party up to 15 on a level of 1-10 and even if the cops are called to shut it down, the cops are gonna be tippin' back the cold ones and dancin' as they do. Florida Georgia Line "knows how to party, get a little naughty" and they can keep the beer flowin' and the speakers blowin'. This cd is a party waiting to happen and if you're a real honest to God country rocker, it's also probably a night in jail waiting on your bail to post because you cracked someone over the head with your beer bottle.

This cd is everything that country party music should be: twang, lyrics that talk of daddy's ass whoopins, cut off sleeves, tattoos, moonshine and the South, thumping bass and guitar so loud it'll make your ears bleed. When you think country, you might think of mama's down home cookin and this cd is just like that, all meat and potatoes, none of that filler stuff that you find in other "dishes".  This music sticks to your bones and leaves you wanting to lick the spoon. 

The cd starts the party with "You're Country" which is an anthem dedicated to all the memories of growing up in the country, being born and raised in the South and the pride that comes with it. Being from the deep South myself, I can truly appreciate this one. The beat and tempo of this one makes me wanna sling my hair and possibly injure my neck because I can't stop moving my head! It's the ultimate country head bob song. How do you follow something like that? Well, try listening to the second track, "Now That She's Gone", a musical "see ya" to the girl who holds a man back from being the country boy he was born to be, not letting him fish, come home late or eat and drink what he wants. Thanks for kicking that chick to the curb, it resulted in a great song. Ladies, let your man be who he's gonna be or you'll find yourself the subject of a song on their next cd! Another awesome song, and probably one of their most requested is "Black Tears". This song is dark, taking their music down a notch on the volume level to sad and lonely with the visual imagery of the story we've all heard and unfortunately is all too true, the woman who has no choice but to result to "alternate forms of employment" to keep herself afloat and get by in life. You can almost imagine the sad expression on her face at the end of her "shift", as she sits alone crying her tears, her mascara leaving  black trails down her cheeks as she hates what she has to do. What a genius song and what a fantastic way it's written instrumentally, not just lyrically. My personal favorite on the cd is "Backwoods Beauty Queen". This one always makes me roll the windows down so others around me can share in my tone deaf singing and watch me show why white girls shouldn't dance. "Make a little love on a truck hood" ... well, ok! How can you say no to that? Only if it's to the music of Florida Georgia Line though. This cd makes love to a country music lover's ears and will leave you wanting a smoke or two afterwards even if you're a non-smoker.

If you get a chance to catch Tyler and Brian in your area, DO IT. I don't care if you have to catch ten buses and a taxi to get there, don't miss their live show. It's great! 

Just as a side note, Florida Georgia Line has a side project with Chase Rice and Jesse Rice called "The Pirate Sessions", a "Buffett-Chesneyesque" sound with a lot more country to it. Check it out while you're on iTunes or Amazon.com buying "Anything Like Me". Get double the trouble and double the great music! Being a HUGE fan of these guys, you can find out most up to date news about them right here on Lovin' Lyrics. Stay tuned!

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