Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Special Promotion: Get Steve Azar's "Slide On Over Here" and "Indianola" CDS at 60% OFF!

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So members of the list, Steve wants to do something special just for you.

For the next 48 hrs only, you can get Steve's last 2 albums "Slide On Over Here" AND "Indianola," for almost 60% off!

So far "Slide On Over Here" has produced 2 top 40 singles (Moo-La-Moo and Sunshine), a #1 video on CMT & GAC, and the current single, Hard Road, is burning up the charts right now! It has sold 10's of 1000's of copies and has led Steve to play with Carrie Underwood, Darius Rucker and Reba!

“Every note on this record is honest,” says Steve himself. “When you see us live now, we sound exactly like our records... I played a lot of guitar on this album. And so much of it comes straight out of my personality.”

When Taylor Swift was asked by People Magazine what her favorite song of 2010 was? She said: "Sunshine by Steve Azar. It's so sensitive and sweet. It comes from a place of vulnerability, and I love hearing that from a guy."

Steve played the songs from his previous release, "Indianola," all over the country, opening for Rock legend, Bob Seger! Check out what Bob had to say: "Steve Azar rocked the house on our last tour. He’s a great guy and a great performer."

So here's the deal:
SLIDE ON OVER HERE normal price: $14.99 + s&h
INDIANOLA normal price: $14.99 +s&h
TOTAL: $29.98 + s&h

Your  DISCOUNTED PRICE for both CDs: $12.99 + s&h

That's a saving of almost 60%!

We only have a few signed copies left of these records, but don't worry, if you use the promo code below, we'll make sure you get one of them.

Just add both albums to your shopping cart & use promo code SLIDE60 during checkout process to get your discount.

Very Important:
This promo code will expire in 2 days from today! (July 7, 2011)

So don't waste anytime, grab this package for $12.99 now!

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