Monday, October 17, 2011


CD: Rebels on the Run
Artist: Montgomery Gentry
Release: October 18, 2011
Label: Average Joe's Entertainment

Montgomery Gentry, Rebels On The Run

Outlaw country music rebels, Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry, have been on the run literally since their last album - on the road playing city after city, rockin' stage after stage, doing benefit shows, performing for the troops overseas and giving country music fans their money's worth night after night.

This past year has been difficult to say the least for one half of one of country's most loved duos, Eddie Montgomery has kicked cancer's ass and dealt with a highly publicized divorce but hasn't let that slow him down, if anything, it's breathed new life into their music, giving each song more meaning to them. Having been lucky enough to get to know Eddie (the person, not the performer) this past summer, I can tell you the events of the past year have given him a new lease on life and his determination and outlook is stronger than it's ever been. Well, they're not on the run anymore, they're back in the spotlight with one of the best cds of their careers and one of the best and most long anticipated albums on the year - "REBELS ON THE RUN", which is due to hit shelves this week, October 18.

The first single from the release, "Where I Come From", has already shot up the charts and is gaining momentum with each radio spin and digital download. The song sums up the best part of Montgomery Gentry, their pride in where they come from, how they were raised and their humble country roots. These guys don't apologize for who they are and they don't release music they're not proud of. This is what keeps Eddie and Troy at the top of the charts and one of the top selling live performance shows in country music.

The cd is loaded with hard rockin', boot thumping "kiss my ass, this is who I am" country in songs such as "Damn Right I Am", "Ain't No Law Against That", and "So Called Life". There are also some of what I think are the most sincere, truthful and on the level love songs you'll ever hear from Montgomery Gentry including one of my favorite songs on the cd, "Damn Baby" with the unmistakable spot on harmonies and emotion we haven't heard from the guys in a long time. We also get to hear Troy is at his absolute vocal best in his solo effort, "Missing You". Even with all of the rock, twang and passion that makes Montgomery Gentry so freakin' fantastic, it's hard to do any better than the soul stirring, deeply moving and more than likely very personal reflection that's displayed so vividly by Eddie in his solo, "Empty". There's just a different tone in his voice, a note he hasn't touched before this past year. This proves that experience does indeed reflect in a song and makes it relateable. There's probably not one of us who will listen to this song that won't put ourselves and our lives right in the middle of the story he's telling and feel that familiar twang of sentimentality and understanding as to where he's coming from.

This cd has put the boys smack back in the middle of the country music track, showcasing what we love about Montgomery Gentry and shining the spotlight on a maturity and musical growth they've taken on over the past year. What a welcome comeback, not that they were ever really out of the picture. I give this cd a double shot of Jim Beam and a toss of my John Deere hat. Fantastic cd guys!

You can purchase "Rebels on the Run" at most any store that sells cds starting on October 18 or you can order online at iTunes, Amazon or directly through the MG website.

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