Sunday, October 30, 2011


Concert: WQDR Howl-O-Ween Bash at City Limits Saloon
Date: 10/29/11
Artists: The JaneDear Girls, The Lost Trailers, Bradley Gaskin, Phil Vassar
Venue: City Limits Saloon Raleigh, NC

Unfortunately myself (Jennifer), who writes up the concert reviews and Anthony, our professional photographer, were unable to attend this show due to unforeseen circumstances (Jenn) and a previously scheduled out of town sporting event shoot (Anthony). Ingrid, our "videographer/livestreamer/alternate photographer", was in attendance for some of sound check and the majority of the concert. She did miss Bradley Gaskin so we were not able to secure any photos or video of his performance or soundcheck. Lovin' Lyrics also had some local friends that attended who were kind enough to get some comments from the audience about who they were excited to see, why and who they thought was the best performance of the night. Here's what they had to say. Looks like The JaneDear Girls were the hit of the night! We only got a few audience comments but from what I hear, the entire show was outstanding and not one of the artists disappointed anyone! Apparently City Limits itself was just as big a hit with the crowd as the show itself. LOL!

Thanks to Joe, Sarah, and Dani for taking the time to get these comments around the crowd:

BEFORE THE SHOW: Which Artist Do You Want to See The Most and Why?

Larry from Raleigh: "Definitely the JaneDear Girls, are you kidding me? The hot dark haired girl gives Charlie Daniels a run for his money. That girl can bend a fiddle like nobody's business. By the way, WOOO HOO City Limits, you rock! Best bar in town!"

Sharon from Holly Springs: "Phil Vassar, yeah I have to say Phil Vassar. Have you seen that butt in those jeans? The man screams sexy and screams it out loud. I couldn't tell you the names of his songs, but that doesn't matter because the man is fine."

Ronald from Raleigh: "The JaneDear Girls, especially in whatever costumes they're gonna be wearing. The girls can sing, play some kick ass music and look gorgeous at the same time. They are the total package for me, actually a double package since there's 2 of them. Ha! My wife laughs at me everytime I bust out "Wildflower" because, well look at me, I'm short, fat and bald with tattoos. Do I look like I should be singing about being a wildflower growing in the sunshine? I'm glad WQDR was able to book them for this show and I love this bar!"

JoAnne from Cary: "The Lost Trailers. I loved "Holler Back" and I've heard a sneak peek of that new one they have coming out, I think it's called "Underdog" or something like that. Only heard it once, but it's a good one. I met them at CMA Fest in Nashville and they're great guys, very friendly and just good guys. Thanks City Limits for always having the best bands! So glad I heard about you guys so I can quit going to the Longbranch, they NEVER have good music."

AFTER THE SHOW: Who Gave the Best Performance Tonight?

Johnny from Ft. Bragg: "The JaneDear Girls KICKED ASS! I didn't know who they were before tonight, don't really get to spend much time listening to music when you're in Afghanistan, but they definitely made a fan out of me. I know who they are now. Man that chick can play the fiddle, makes Charlie Daniels look like a beginner! Shhh, don't tell Charlie I said that. The blonde girl is absolutely beautiful, kinda reminded me of Nancy Wilson of Heart with her guitar playing. You don't see many women playing guitar. I wish they'd come play out at Ft. Bragg for one of the shows that Craig Morgan does out there. They'd be a great opening act. They were GREAT, by far the best of the acts tonight."

Steven from Fuquay-Varina: "Gotta go with the Lost Trailers, holy s**t they were good. I just love good rockin' country and they rocked the s**t out of it tonight. Great show! Bring them back again City Limits!"

Suzanne from Raleigh: "I loved the JaneDear Girls! I was so excited to see them play tonight. Loved "Wildflower" when it was big, then that other one, I think it was "Shotgun Girl"? They are just freakin' great! I am in love with "Merry Go Round". I'm hitting Walmart tomorrow and picking up that cd for sure!"

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