Monday, October 17, 2011

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What is Delta Soul?
It’s a style of music born in the people that come from the Mississippi Delta. It tells the stories of a hard life, the mixing of cultures and race, poverty and pride. It’s about earning a meager living from the cotton crop, or the long hours on the Mississippi river. The music of the Delta has influenced some of the greatest rock and blues music of all time. Eric Clapton, The Stones, Paul Simon, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top and so many others have been inspired by the sounds that resonate deep in its very soil.
“Delta Soul” is the music from a man born and raised in the heart of it all. It’s a mix of the sounds and musical lessons he learned growing up in Greenville, MS. It’s honest and pure, the lyrics are a journey through the places he’s been and the people he’s known. It’s the stories shared by family, friends and blues legends.
Steve Azar mixes his Delta roots with blues, rock and soul, and a little touch of twang to create his sound, "Delta Soul". It’s a collection song’s that take you along on Steve’s musical journey through his life in the Mississippi Delta. 

Delta Soul - Volume OneReleased November 8, 2011
1. Highway 61 (Delta Mix) 3:35 
2. Flatlands (Delta Mix) 4:59 
3. Mississippi Minute (Delta Mix) 3:10 
4. Gonna Be Good Lovin’ U (Delta Mix) 3:40 
5. Bluestune (Delta Mix) 4:09 
6. Indianola (Delta Mix) 4:24 
7. Doin’It Right (Delta Mix) 2:49 
8. Goin’ To Beat The Devil (Delta Mix) 4:19 
9. The River’s Workin’ (Delta Mix) 6:01
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