Monday, November 21, 2011


Josh Gracin
CD: Redemption
Artist: Josh Gracin
Label: Average Joe's Entertainment
Release Date: 11/8/2011

Ok, y'all now I don't do your regular, run of the mill reviews. I say exactly what pops in my head, keep it honest and word it the way I would word it if I was telling the artist directly what I thought about their cd. I sure hope you don't expect this one to be any different. LOL! Now let's get this ball of review and opinion rolling ...

American Idol fans, what the hell were you thinkin' voting this voice called Josh Gracin off in Season 2 and giving the crown to Reuben Studdard? Shame on you! Shame shame double shame. Take a listen to Josh's new cd, "Redemption" and that is pretty much exactly what he's gotten since y'all did that. Josh proves once again that you don't have to cross that finish line to truly win the race. He's come in first with this new release.

Josh Gracin is one of those artists that has the ability and talent to really take off but for some reason hasn't been given the right marketing or attention he deserves based on the product he's now proven that he can deliver. People know his name, they know he's crazy talented and has vocals smooth as buttah, they love his music, he had a #1 hit with "Nothin' to Lose" in 2004 and a top ten hit with "We Weren't Crazy" in 2008 and yet for some reason that only the mystical gods of the music industry can understand, he's still not where he should be. I hope this new cd released by Average Joe's Entertainment can rectify that problem and give his career that boost that it's long been needing. I'm feelin' it! Even if you weren't a Josh Gracin fan before this cd or hadn't even heard of him at all, once you hear "Redemption", you'll join the ranks of many that recognize the level of talent in Josh and appreciate it.

Speaking of feelin' and appreciatin', this cd takes several ingredients and rolls them all into one big musical burrito chock full of feelings and 17 different ingredients. Yes, 17 is ALOT of songs for a cd and while you might think it's too many, in this case I don't think it is whereas normally I'd agree with you. While there is a certain "eclecticity" (yes, I think I just made that word up) to this cd as far as being comprised of a mixture of styles and not every song on the cd will be to every listener's liking, I personally am very impressed and think this is Josh's most emotional work to date, one that really reaches deep and pulls out emotions most have probably not really and honestly taken the time to feel in awhile or have pushed aside. (Shhhh, don't tell anyone but a couple of songs, "Love You Right" and "Enough" made me do my full on ugly cry face complete with the "sniff sniff" and little kid lower lip tremble). I think the one that truly got me is the one that is the same one that's gonna get most listeners once they see the video, "Can't Say Goodbye". The song was written as a goodbye for the wife of a soldier killed in action and was done as a special project, "Heroes at Home", set up through Sears to honor those left behind by those taken from them while serving this country. Trust me, if you have a heart, you'll feel it during this one. I've included the video after the review.

Now,  if you're in love, take the time to really listen to some of the lyrics on this cd, especially "I Want to Make You Cry" and I can GUARANTEE you that you're gonna want to grab that special somebody (or someone in general if you're that kinda person) and do the funky chicken nice and slow and I don't mean the kid's wedding dance either. It's just downright hot, sexy, and scrumpdillyicious. Now stop laughing at that visual image in your head. HOLY HOTTT LOVE MAKIN' EARTH SHAKIN' WOW! I vote this be his next single because the video for it would blow Chuck Wicks' "Hold That Thought" right outta the water and that's one sexy bite your bottom lip song and video.

I didn't even focus on any of the up tempo stuff because well, you hear that everywhere and honestly, I think radio's overrun with it right now which is why while this cd is great in my book, but I think with the path mainstream radio is taking, they're more than likely, and even more unfortunately, going to pass right by this gem that's sitting in the middle of a pile of radio friendly country crap. This cd defines passion, it really shows off sensitive side of Josh that makes the cd stand out from others currently being marketing. This project focuses on what's important, the love between two special people and about rebuilding relationships and making things right within yourself. This is just good stuff. There's no way I can list every song and what I love about it on here or we'll be here all night because really, there's not one song I didn't care for. He put his heart into this cd and it shows, he left out the filler garbage and the final product is nothing but substance. I'll be the first to admit, I expected nothing near as good as this turned out. Not that I don't think Josh is good but because I never really gave him that much notice until now so didn't really know what exactly to expect.

This cd is what redemption is - it's getting back something that had been lost and music of this quality has been lost for too long. It gets back to the basics of good music and good songwriting without having to really do too much to it because it's pretty much perfect the simpler it is.  Thank you Josh for bringing that music back to the table.

Please go buy this cd, I PROMISE it will be worth the purchase. You can purchase "Redemption" on iTunes and You can also purchase directly through Josh Gracin's official website.

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