Friday, November 18, 2011


If you were a fan of NBC's "THE VOICE" Season One and "TEAM BLAKE", then you are very familiar with the amazing voice of Jared Blake. This guy's gonna be freakin' huge and thanks to Blake Shelton's ear for great music, you're gonna get to hear alot more from Jared. Check out the exclusive interview that Kevin Nixa of Nixa Country Radio had with Jared earlier this week. Lovin' Lyrics hopes to be talking to him soon ourselves! Thanks to Nixa for working in conjunction with Lovin' Lyrics so we're able to spread the word about amazing artists like Jared to more people. 

You can reQuest Jared's music on Nixa Country and you can download Jared's music on iTunes. Please show your support for Jared and purchase his music, attend his live shows, follow him on Twitter 

Johnny Cash once said, “Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight.” The same might be said of Jared Blake.

People tend to jump to conclusions when they first see the rock-n-roll country boy from Arkansas. The bad ass image, complete with tattoos, shaved head and ripped jeans, radiates a sort of “dangerous.” But, if you move past his hardcore persona and stick around for a drink or two you’ll find out that there is a vulnerability to Jared that makes him who he really is.

No stranger to mistakes, falls and lapses in judgment he confesses that his personal struggles were at times unbearable. He felt like he was, “Losing his soul to the very thing that helped him find it.”

A dedicated father of four girls and two boys, Jared’s tough guy image softens between the letters of his lyrics. And as he lets you in a little more you realize that each note, each strum and each vocal inflection truly comes from the deep depths of his soul. The rhythms are unique and driving, the phrasing all his own. It’s rare to find an artist these days with a passion so strong that we can’t help but pound our feet and scream along.

The coolest thing about Jared Blake is that although he’s had his share of hard knocks, onstage nothing seems forced or strained. When he’s performing he’s there completely. The past disappears and the future waits because at that moment there’s no need for anything more.

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