Monday, December 5, 2011

Biggest Loser Update Trailer Choir’s "Big Vinny" is one of the Biggest Loser’s Final Four


This week’s episode is the at-home reveal, where friends and family get to see him for the first time. “We did it at 12th & Porter, which has a lot of history for Trailer Choir,” Vinny says. “That’s where we were discovered by Toby Keith, and Butter got married there. I’m not sure if they’ll show it, but I also got Thompson Square to play privately for me at the Grand Ole Opry for my engagement. That was really cool.”
Tuesday’s episode (12/6) also features the contestants’ marathon and the last weigh-in before the Dec. 13 finale. Vinny leaves Friday (12/9) for Los Angeles, but whatever happens, he doesn’t plan on dropping his nickname. “I’m still going to be big because I have a big, muscular frame,” he says. “I just won’t be fat. But for me, Big Vinny is more defined by my smile, personality and actions. I’ll just be Big-Hearted Vinny.”

We're all pulling for you Vinny and Lovin' Lyrics loves you! GO VINNY!

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