Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Montgomery Gentry’s YouTube Video for “Where I Come From” Crashes Site

Nashville, TN (January 25, 2012) -- Average Joes Entertainment released a press release yesterday,January 24, noting the impressive 1.3 million views for Montgomery Gentry’s "Where I Come From" music video. Shortly after the release went out nationwide, the award-winning duo's YouTube channel experienced technical difficulties and the video could not be viewed. YouTube has not responded to the issue at this time.
Due to the fact this video truly has hit the hearts of Americans with over a million views and thousands of touching comments, and has connected with radio listeners across the country reaching the #17 spot on the radio charts, Montgomery Gentry's management has uploaded the video a second time. View it here:

"Technology. You can't live with it, you can't live without it," jokes Eddie Montgomery. "But we're really proud of this video and the message that goes along with it, so it's important to upload it again for our friends out there."

"Maybe we can beat the 1.3 million views," adds Troy Gentry. "Here's hoping our friends will check it out again and leave us some more great comments. We love hearing from everybody. We just got an email today from a guy in a small town in SC that a national media outlet made out to be just a bunch of "rednecks". He made his own video showing the pride in their hometown. We really love that people relate to this song in so many ways.”

Directed by Potsy Ponciroli and produced by Chris Conner from Team Genius Productions, the video was shot in a California desert and a rock quarry in Nashville, TN. Working closely with the video treatment, Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry wanted to honor the troops and the towns “where they come from.” The video opens with a battlefield scene with a wounded soldier laying on the ground. While his fellow soldiers try to rescue him, he is having flashbacks and memories of his beloved hometown.

Where I Come From” is the lead single from Montgomery Gentry's new album,Rebels On The Run, released on their new label home, Average Joes Entertainment.

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