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"Don't Miss Your Life" Taking on a Life of It's Own at Radio


Phil Vassar is no stranger to country radio or their legions of listeners, as he has topped the country charts on numerous occasions both as a writer and artist. And now, his latest single, "Don't Miss Your Life," is exploding at country radio, Facebook and Twitter even before it has been officially released.

"I wrote this song on a plane recently, when I was really missing my family and especially my two daughters," said Phil. "The response we're receiving from country radio and from fans has been absolutely incredible. I am always amazed when a song touches people like this."

Phil finished the song with his frequent co-writer, Charlie Black, and shared it with his Rodeowave Entertainment team. A rough mix was played for Nashville's WSIX-FM, who gave it a test spin on the air. Phones immediately blew up, and the WSIX Facebook page was overwhelmed with comments from fans who identified with the song.

"Don't Miss Your Life" was shipped to radio late last week, and similar comments started pouring in from across the country. The single debuted at #1 on Play MPE's Top 5 Download and Top 5 Streaming charts this week. The single can be heard at and is currently available at iTunes.

Nate Deaton at KRTY/San Jose says: "This is not the best Phil Vassar song I have heard in a while, it is the best song I have heard in a while. The response from listeners has been exactly that." Jeff Whitehead, PD of WQBE in Charleston, WV adds: "The first time I listened to 'Don't Miss Your Life' my life flashed before my eyes. It brought me to tears. It does exactly what a 'Country Song' is suppose to do; absolutely INCREDIBLE! The best song Phil's ever recorded." Scott Donato, PD at WGTY/York, PA concurs: "Phil has written some of the best songs of our generation, but this might be his best yet. It is IMPOSSIBLE not to be moved by this song. Simply put, it's the kind of song that makes me proud to be associated with country music." Comments on Phil's Twitter and Facebook echoed similar enthusiasm.

Music Row Magazine's crack reviewer Robert K. Oermann had this to say about the new single: "Vassar continues to make music as powerfully as ever. His new ballad is the latest take on the businessman who is too busy to enjoy his children growing up. An older man points him in the right direction. This pushes all the right emotional buttons. I'm in."

The single will officially go for adds at radio on February 13, 2012, and a music video is in the works.

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