Thursday, February 9, 2012

Assault Charges Against Rodney Atkins "Retired"

Looks like someone's really looking out for Rodney Atkins. A judge recently made a judgment in his favor that he will not be prosecuted on the misdemeanor domestic assault charge stemming from last year's accusation by his wife, Tammy Jo, that he attempted to suffocate her with a pillow after a night of drinking, if he continues to meet court-ordered conditions.

A Tennessee judge ruled on Wednesday that the charge would be "retired" or removed from Rodney's record if he stays out of trouble for 11 months and 29 days and completes 30 hours of community service.

Attorney Rose Palermo said that Atkins completed and passed court-ordered anger management, drug and alcohol evaluations. Rodney did not enter an admission of guilt as part of this deal.

Atkins, best known for his #1 hits "Take a Back Road" and "If You're Going Through Hell", and his wife are divorcing. Atkins said in a statement last year following the arrest that the accusations made by his wife against him led to the divorce. Palermo says the couple currently shares custody of their son, Elijah, and they are working out details of the custody agreement and divorce.

Tammy Jo Atkins called the police last November stating that the couple had been arguing all night and that Rodney has been drinking. She claimed he attempted to smother her with a pillow and then the following morning, grabbed her face and shoved her. She claims the alleged assault took place in front of their son and caused her to believe she had a reason to fear for her safety.

After the ruling, Rodney gave an exclusive statement to the "Tennessean". He said, quote, "I am so thankful for all those that chose to withhold judgment while keeping my family and I in their prayers. God Bless. Onward and upward." Rodney leaves tomorrow for his first USO Tour.

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