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If you don't know who JT Hodges is yet, then you haven't been listening to the right country radio stations or keeping up with the best in new country music.

Showdog Universal's JT Hodges is the protege of Toby Keith and with just one hit song, "Hunt You Down", under his belt, JT has already been included in several lists of artists to watch in 2012, Country Weekly's "Next Male Artist Destined for Superstardom" contest, and the biggest honor of them all,  a 2012 Academy of Country Music New Artist of the Year nominee. That's quite a list of achievements for someone who was virtually unknown this time last year and it's only getting better from here with a new song that's already making headway on country stations nationwide, "Goodbyes Made You Mine".

JT Hodges also happens to be a very down to earth guy who hasn't let all of this attention go to his head. He makes it a point to personally reach out and interact with his fan base on social media which is why country music fans are tuning in to hear more from him. He's just an everyday guy with ambition and determination and those traits are paying off in spades. He took a few minutes out of his crazy schedule to sit down and talk with us recently and tell us a little about his background, what's going on, how he's feeling and what's up next. Thank you to JT for allowing us the opportunity to talk with him and for helping us bring you a closer insight to who he is as an artist.

Introduction: "Hey JT, thanks so much for sitting down to do this interview, I know you must be interviewed to death right now with all of the hoopla following your ACM New Artist of the Year nomination. I know ALOT of people are really happy and excited for you to be nominated and especially after just one great song! Congratulations on the nomination, you have officially started 'Hodges-Mania' "

Q1: "Obvious first question, how are ya feeling right now about the nomination and where were you when you got the news?"

A1: "I'm on cloud nine. I actually was in Missouri for the holidays when I got the news."

Q2: "How did you wind up on the road to country music? Musical background, a wild hair, drunken dare or something you knew you were gonna do from an early age?"

A2: "I grew up around music in Fort Worth Texas and country music was predominant, so I think it naturally just makes the most sense for me. Hey, a great song is a great song no matter what, I just happens to think songs are just a little better in country music. Ha :) "

Q3: "You're not only a performer but you write alot of your own music. What or who inspires you as an artist?"

A3: "I'm inspired by great song, period. Performing wise, there have been so many great artists that have inspired me, too many to name. I do always love going back and watching Elvis Presley performances ... Man,he commanded a stage! So did Garth. "

Q4: "Tell us about the day you found out that you were finally going to be signed to a record deal."

A4: "I was ecstatic. I was ready to go to work right away. I thought to myself, okay, I got an opportunity now so don't waste it."

Q5: "Your first single, "Hunt You Down", has been accepted by the radio, CMT, GAC and your fans very well. Where were you when you first heard your music on the radio or saw the video on television?"

A5: "I first heard the song on the radio in Lakeland, Florida. WQYK in Tampa was the first station to play it. I first saw the video at my house...that was a pretty cool feeling."

Q6"I know you probably get asked this a million times, but where did you get the idea for "Hunt You Down?"

A6"It was inspired by a spontaneous night Memphis, Tennessee."

Q7"I have a question from Facebook - What's the craziest thing a fan has asked of you or experience you've had with a fan?"

A7: "It was crazy but at the same time it was very flattering. I had a fan that wanted me to put a signature on a napkin and also write down part of the chorus lyrics to Hunt You Down. She later went and got a tattoo around her ankle with my signature and the lyrics. Isn't that cool :) ?"

NOTE: Later found out who that fan was and she sent in a photo of the tattoo! See the picture of the ankle tattoo below! Now that's dedication to an artist and truly appreciating their music! I love it!

Q8"You were on the Toby Keith Locked and Loaded Tour this past summer, give us a little inside scoop on that. Pranks? "Incidents"? Things You'll Remember? Things You'd Rather Not Remember? LOL"

A8: "Touring with Toby and Eric was fantastic. It was during football season mostly so on Saturdays we got to watch college football before the shows, drink some beers. On the last date of the tour Eric and Toby's crew and came out with kazoos on hunt you down. We all pranked Toby with red solo cops and dressed as Eric in sunglasses and a hat during their sets. Great times on a great tour."

Q9: "You've got a new single coming out in February, "Goodbyes Made You Mine". Can you tell us a little about it?"

A9"'Goodbyes Made You Mine' is really a song about promises kept. It's looking that special someone right in the eye and saying they can trust you. They can let go of all that happened in the past, there's no need to worry anymore, you're not like all the rest. You're the man, really. Ha :)"

NOTE - JT, there are ALOT of women out there that would wanna kiss you on the cheek for this song ... you ARE the man, really. LOL! 

Q10: "You made your Opry debut in November, congratulations! Describe the experience of standing in that historic circle and knowing you'd finally made it. I was listening online by the way, you did great!"

A10: "Well, thanks for listening, I appreciate that. You know, being up on that stage at the famous Ryman Auditorium, for the most prestigious of all shows in my opinion, is a memory I always get to have for the rest of my life. It was absolutely incredible to get the opportunity to sing my story in the place where the greatest are told."

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Q11: "Any idea when can we expect the new cd? There are alot of people getting pretty anxious out there including Melissa K on Facebook! LOL. I want to be the first to review it!"

A11"Everybody out there getting anxious can expect an album out this year, probably by late spring, early summer. Believe me, I'm just as anxious to get it out to you as you are to hear it."

Bonus Q12: "Does your dog only drink from Red Solo Cups? LOL"

A12: "Is there any other way?"

Be sure to request "Goodbyes Made You Mine" on your local country radio station and also let GAC and CMT know they need to play the video. Thank you to all who support JT and his music. It's because of you that the good things happen for the good people.

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