Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Adds: Songs You Need to Start Requesting Now!

If you want to help your favorite artists, one of the best things, and free things, you can do is keep requesting them on your local radio station. You can also request on GAC or CMT if they have a video that's recently been released. An add does NOT mean that the song will get airplay, it only means the station has added it to their library of music, the rest is up to you to make sure it gets the airplay it deserves. Don't be rude when you call a station, be nice and let the person who takes your request know how much you really like the song and that you'd like to help make it a permanent addition to their playlist. Don't call them over and over or CONSTANTLY request on the station's website, Twitter or Facebook either, that will have a counter- productive result and they will get tired of hearing about it. You don't want any negative emotions attached to an artist's song and those will result if you hound a radio station and constantly bombard them. Spread the word, but spread it nicely and tell your friends to do the same.

Here are some songs that have recently been added to radio or are coming up for radio adds that you should start requesting now:

If you can't find a contact for your local station - here is all the info you need - RADIO LOCATOR

Feb 6:
David St Romain - "Some Things"
Shooter Jennings - "The Deed and the Dollar"
Jason Aldean - "Fly Over States"
Tyler Farr - "Hot Mess"

Feb 13:
JT Hodges - "Goodbyes Made you Mine"
Phil Vassar - "Don't Miss Your Life"
The Dirt Drifters - "There She Goes"

Feb 20:
Eric Church - "Springsteen"

Feb 21:
Thomas Rhett - "Something to Do With My Hands"

March 5:
James Wesley - "Walking Contradiction"

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