Friday, February 10, 2012

New Artist Spotlight: Dean Meadows

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A Little Background:

The radio was always blaring at the Meadows’ home off that dirt road in southern West Virginia … everyone from Charlie Pride and John Denver to Motown and gospel influenced young Dean growing up. At age 10, he would play the drums in church - that good ole gospel music at revivals- and then go home and rock out to rock bands. In high school he overheard his grandfather in Connecticut playing an Alabama record - “Mountain Music”…intrigued by the country lyrics, Dean decided then and there that this was the music he wanted to play. At 19 he traded his drums for a guitar and started writing songs. He spent the next few years gigging over a thousand shows at coffee houses, county fairs, and honkytonks, testing out his original tunes in front of live audiences and living the dream of being a traveling singer/songwriter. Still, Dean needed to secure a “day job” and began working in the telecommunications field, which, by good fortune, landed him in Nashville, Tennessee. Performing nightly in Nashville’s famous “lower Broadway” clubs taught Dean how to connect with his audience with a high-energy show that featured many of his own impassioned compositions.

Dean just completed his debut CD, showcasing his unique writing and gravel and molasses voice which is often compared to Travis Tritt and Eric Church, running the gamut of emotions from introspective autobiographies to out and out screamin’ party tunes, always telling compelling stories and delivering rich background on every track. Dean still likes to get up a game of street basketball with somes buddies like he used to back in high school, riding through the hills, sitting on a creek bank somewhere with his family and friends. But these days you’re more likely to find him in a room with his guitar working on his next favorite song.

A Little About the CD:

Dean's debut cd, "Here With Me", is easily a fan favorite according to the overwhelming 98% positive feedback percentage and excitement we received on our "Pick it Or Flick it" feature back on 1/6/12. We took a listen and it's easy to see why people like Dean and his music. "Here with Me" is available now on Amazon, CDBaby and on Dean's official website.


Anonymous said...

love the cd ..especially endearing is the fact that he wrote all the songs..
bobbi lou

Anonymous said...

love the cd, especially endearing is that all the music was written by him....excited to see what's to come ~bobbie lou