Monday, February 27, 2012


Check out the video for "Drive" from one of country's favorite and fastest rising newcomers, Casey James. The fans love him and "Drive" is an appropriate name for this because that's exactly what these fans do from all over the country to see him. Those that can't drive, fly. His fan base is crazy and some of the most dedicated people I've ever encountered with any artist. This is gonna sound bad, but thanks to America for voting him off American Idol because if he'd won, country probably wouldn't be the place he chose to call home and we're glad he's here. He's country music's own American Idol for sure!


Cyndee said...

I'm glad he didn't win for another reason. Coming in 3rd gave him a lot of good PR (plus the Homecoming experience) but also gave him privacy to do things his way in his time. And disagree - I think he'd be country no matter where he'd landed.
Thanks for the great article! I'm one of the flying/driving fans. His concerts are addicting! Never gets old. He has to be one of the most prolific writers out there today. He's always introducing new music and all of it is excellent! Judging by the number of YouTube hits, a whole lotta people are lovin' the "Drive" video! Looking forward to March 20th and his album release!

Anonymous said...

He is awesome, his fans knew that a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Even if he'd won, Casey would have gone Country. It's where he always wanted to be because it's the best fit for his "Texas music." But, if he had won Idol, he would have had to put out an album in just a couple of months and we'd still be wondering what he could do if he had the time to make the album he wanted to, so I'm glad he finished 3rd.