Saturday, March 31, 2012


So I was watching an interview with Jon Bon Jovi on Oprah's "Masterclass" tonight (which I typically don't watch but I love Jon Bon Jovi first as a humanitarian and second as an artist) and found it to be one of the best interviews I've ever heard and the reason I'm posting it on here is because not only does he talk about helping one another, being kind to one another but he brings up a point that all of us who deeply love music can identify and relate with - the power that music has over us, the difference it makes in our lives and how music has changed from those artists who truly care about what they write and perform to the majority of cookie cutter, disposable artists who do it for the fame and the money and how radio only focuses on a certain number of artists unlike they used to. He also points out that you don't see many truly good songwriters such as Bob Dylan anymore, artists who truly believe in what they write and who write from the heart, what they sing and most of all, in the people they share their talent with. Anyway, I thought  it was a very thought provoking interview and thought I'd share. The part about music starts about time mark 24:48. If you're a real lover of music, take a listen and share your thoughts with us.

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