Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SINGLE REVIEW: "Shinin' On Me" - Jerrod Niemann

Shinin' On Me

Jerrod Niemann has brought something new to country music in his diverse, original style and unique vocal sound. He first caught the ear of country music fans with "Lover Lover", "What Do You Want from Me" and "One More Drinkin' Song". He has a new single out, "Shinin' on Me" and again, he's hit a high note and it's not surprising considering the writers on this potential hit are some of music's best: Lee Brice, Rob Hatch and Lance Miller.

We love the jazzy influence and the catchy, feel good lyrics - “Today the sun is shinin’ on me,  Sittin’ with my feet in the breeze, Ain’t sweatin’ the little things, And who knows what tomorrow is gonna bring, Today the sun is shinin’ on me”. How can you not like this one and from the looks of the early reviews, people not liking it isn't a problem at all. It appears that the country radio sun is scorching and definitely shinin' on Jerrod with this new release.

The single is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

Please request this on your local radio station and make sure it gets the airplay it should have. It won't get played if you don't request.

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