Thursday, July 12, 2012



They're back and back with a vengeance. Zac Brown Band never does anything half ass and this latest cd is a prime example of the result of time, love of what they do and dedication  ... a perfect cd.

This cd is like that perfect mixed breed that grabs your heart at the pound, a mix of a little bit of everything that you just can't say no to. It's a little bit of funky country infused with a side of rock, a splash of the blues and a whole lot of Zac Brown soul. It's a different side of the band, one that fans will want to hear more of. It's not just the "Jimmy Buffet" style that first put Zac on the map, the music is so much more, so much deeper than that. This cd has meaning, this cd has personality and this cd has a little of everything for everyone.

The first single to be released from "Uncaged" is "The Wind" and that's exactly what you get, a song that's exactly like the wind, blowing past you with intensity and changing speeds. This song is something I like to call "Zac-A-Billy", it's rockabilly combined with the right amount of country and a little whiff of Coppertone suntan lotion. You won't hear this coming from your mama's speakers, this one's reserved for those who can keep up the pace.

The cd isn't all fast moving, the band slows it down from the wind to a soft blowing breeze on songs like "Goodbye in Her Eyes", "Sweet Annie", "Lance's Song" and "The Day That I Die". There is one song on the cd that has already claimed the title of our favorite, "Overnight". This song incorporates the talent of the bluesy Trombone Shorty and showcases the jazzy side of the band which few people probably imagined even existed. It's a quietly sexy song ... yes, I used the word sexy in a Zac Brown review but that's what it is. 

Do yourself a favor, buy this cd. Even if you weren't a fan of his earlier stuff, if you thought it was "too Buffett", this one will show you exactly what ZBB is made of and it's not just the summer sun, toes in the water and waiting on the coastal sunset. This shows just how versatile ZBB can be and I am sure it will win you over if you're not already a fan.

You can purchase this pretty much anywhere "The Wind" blows.

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