Monday, July 16, 2012


Single: "Take a Little Ride"
Artist: Jason Aldean
Radio Add Date: 7/16/12
Label: Broken Bow Records

Well, it's here and well ... it's here. "Take a Little Ride", the upcoming single from everyone's kinda party boy, Jason Aldean, went out for radio adds today. We were expecting more to be honest, this song is a typical Aldean style song, same kind of beat, same kind of lyrics and actually a little boring. Granted, Jason's style is unique and scoring him top honors and that's great, but we want more from him and know he's got more than just the same sounding music to offer because that's what great artists do (and that's what Jason is), they change it up a little. He caught us off-guard with "Don't You Wanna Stay" and that one went through the roof because it was a non-typical Aldean sound. Sorry if this sounds harsh, it's meant to just give an honest opinion. Think of me as Randy Jackson, it's just "a'ight" for me, we think he played it safe with this one instead of stealing home.

Our opinion aside. the song's gonna take a little ride up the charts to the top because Aldean fans will see to it that it happens, they stand behind every song and every word of every song and don't stop until it hits that top spot. Is it a bad song? Not at all, it's actually a very good song but is it something special? Something "different" Something to make you think "Wow! Now THAT was worth the wait"? Not really, at least not in our opinion. It's also very lyrically reminiscent of Luke Bryan's "I Don't Want This Night To End". Both songs talk about sliding on the seat, looking hot (Luke)/ain't nothing looks better than that (Jason), don't know what road were on (Luke) / I wanna take a little ride with you (Jason). The concept of riding in a truck is just a bit overdone this year. Fans will love it, but as for us, we'll wait for "Black Tears", the song he cut for the cd that was written by Florida Georgia Line. It's something different, something you haven't heard in an Aldean song before, or any other song before for that matter.


Unknown said...

At least you gave us Aldean Army members accolades... Check out Youtube for another song on the album that he added to his setlist this weekend called Wheels Rollin. Kinda Bon Jovi soundin. Both songs I love!

LovinLyrics said...

Hey Dayna, fans should always be acknowledged and Aldean's Army are some of the most dedicated, faithful fans out there and any artist should be lucky to have fans like you guys. The song is a good song, just expected something a little more for being a first single off a new cd and something a little less like his usual style. The army will send it to the top of the charts regardless of what any reviewer thinks :) I'll check out the other song. Thanks for the heads up! ~ Jenn