Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Congratulations to all of the new artists making this week's Mediabase Adds list. This week was all about the new artists, they AGAIN beat the established artists on adds this week as a whole! People are paying attention to the new music and it's starting to show. Let's keep that trend going! This list comes to me with both new and established artists, but I choose to only showcase the new artists so you can see how great they're doing as a whole. REMEMBER: An add does NOT guarantee air play, it simply means the station has added the song to their library. Air play is based on demand and sales, so get on the phone/internet/text and start requesting your favorites now. Most major radio stations now allow you to text or email your requests so it's not just making a phone call anymore. If you don't request, don't complain when you don't hear your favorite artist on the radio, plain and simple. These guys need our help, so let's show them we support them and their hard work. Don't depend on their side to do all the promoting if you really love an artist, jump in there and work with them!

This Week's Top 3 Heavy Hitters:

CHRIS CAGLE .... 27 Adds for "Let There Be Cowgirls" ... and we all know cowgirls love their country music and their Chris Cagle too!

ANDY GIBSON .... 11 Adds for "Summer Back" ... Andy is hotter than a hot tin roof on an August Arkansas day and these numbers prove it!

GLORIANA ... 9 Adds for "(Kissed You) Good Night" ... Looks like country fans did the pushing up against the wall and got this one on radio's must add list.

CHRIS CAGLE/Let There Be Cowgirls (BPG) 27
ANDY GIBSON/Summer Back (Curb) 11
GLORIANA/(Kissed You) Good Night (Emblem/WAR) 9
GREG BATES/Did It For The Girl (Republic Nashville) 9
CASEY JAMES/Crying On A Suitcase (19/Columbia) 8
MAGGIE ROSE/I Ain't Your Mama (RPME) 7
COLT FORD WITH JAKE OWEN/Back (Average Joes) 6
CRAIG MORGAN/Corn Star (Black River) 6
ERIC CHURCH/Creepin' (EMI Nashville) 6
KRISTEN KELLY/Ex-Old Man (Arista) 6
HUNTER HAYES/Wanted (Atlantic/WMN) 5
JAKE OWEN/The One That Got Away (RCA) 5
KATIE ARMIGER/Better In A Black Dress (Cold River) 5
KIP MOORE/Beer Money (MCA) 5
PARMALEE/Musta Had A Good Time (Stoney Creek) 4
DUE WEST/Things You Can't Do In A Car (Black River) 3
EDENS EDGE/Too Good To Be True (Big Machine) 3
RANDY HOUSER/How Country Feels (Stoney Creek) 3
AARON LEWIS/Endless Summer (Blaster/Quarterback) 2
GWEN SEBASTIAN/Met Him In A Motel Room (Flying Island) 2
JESSIE JAMES/Military Man (Show Dog-Universal) 2
JON PARDI/Missin' You Crazy (Capitol) 2
LEE BRICE/Hard To Love (Curb) 2
SCOTTY MCCREERY/Water Tower Town (19/Interscope/Mercury) 2
THOMAS RHETT/Something To Do With My Hands (Valory) 2
JAIDA DREYER/Confessions (Streamsound) 1
JANA KRAMER/Why Ya Wanna (Elektra Nashville/WAR) 1
JUSTIN MOORE/'Til My Last Day (Valory) 1
KEVIN FOWLER/Here's To Me And You (Average Joes) 1
PHIL VASSAR/Don't Miss Your Life (Rodeowave) 1
STEVE HOLY/Hauled Off And Kissed Me (Curb) 1

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