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Don't let this name fool you, there's nothing "Old MacDonald" going on here. The Farm, Inc has come on headstrong and kicking (ok, so that might be a LITTLE Old MacDonald if he had a new horse on his farm that he was trying to saddle up). New fans wanna know where these guys have been hiding for so long and longtime fans already know. Truth is, they've been right under their nose the whole time. 

Frontman Nick Hoffman has been playing sold out stadium shows for over 10 years as Kenny Chesney's fiddle player (or as we prefer to call him, "Fiddlemaster"), while Damien Horne has been entertaining Nashville audiences for years as a solo artist and member of Big and Rich's "Muzik Mafia" which is an informal group of musicians banded together to bring real music to the masses. The "family" includes Cory GiermanBig KennyJon NicholsonJohn RichGretchen WilsonJames OttoCowboy Troy, Damien, Pop/Rock Artist Rachel KiceShannon LawsonTwo-Foot FredShanna CrooksSpoken Word Jen "SWJ" and honorary member, John Anderson. Damien has also collaborated with such well known artists as Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, John Legend, Hank Williams Jr and more. Krista Marie, the bad ass, hair tossing, powerhouse vocalist and founder of The Farm, Inc is an ATV motocross racer who was involved in a bad crash in 2008. Her song, "Drive It Like You Stole It" was the ESPN 2009 NHRA drag racing theme. She broke onto the country charts with "Jeep" and "Tomboy". You bring these three talented names together and you have a group destined for stardom with a rare talent that explodes in every note, every live performance and harmonize tighter than Luke Bryan's skinny jeans.Their stage show is phenomenal, extremely high energy from first note to last, and leaves an audience wanting more.

This debut cd is top to bottom, start to finish, honestly good music. There are no "filler, fluffernutter, take up space" garbage songs on here. What you will find is music that makes you feel good, music that makes you want to sing along and songs that work together to showcase this amazing group of voices.

The first track on the cd is just what it says, a "Farm Party". Is it a little cheesy that they used the band name in the title? Maybe a little, but the song itself is an amped up party song, makes you wanna throw some kinda party and dance on a bar. This band IS a Farm Party. Being co-written by one of country's hardest rockin' women, Bridgette Tatum ("She's Country" - Jason Aldean), it's no wonder this song's so full of energy and enthusiasm. Track two, "Home Sweet Home" is the first single released from the cd. It debuted on the charts at #54 and is a fan favorite on country music televison. The single was written by the three band members and superstar writer, Danny Myrick and included pretty vivid imagery and details throughout the song about "mama's home cookin' and sweet magnolia trees". Being a southern girl, these two things immediately make me wanna go home sweet home. Another song getting rave reviews from fans is "Be Grateful", which is something we all need to be reminded of and this song sends that message straight home. The remainder of the cd is nothing to  turn your nose up at, nothing but good stuff with my personal favorite track, "That 100 Miles" included. The harmonies on this musical story of looking back and love left behind are amazing. I personally hit repeat no less than 10 times and sing it at the top of my really off key lungs every time. What a great song. The entire track listing for the cd is shown below.

1. Farm Party 3:17
2. Home Sweet Home 4:05
3. Sweet Sweet Sunshine 3:46  
4. Be Grateful 4:06 
5. Nowhere Road 3:29  
6. Fresh Off The Farm 3:22
7. Little Boat 3:31
8. That 100 Miles 4:18
9. Every Time I Fall In Love 3:41
10. The Train I'm On 3:25
11. Walkin' 5:36

Treat your musical tastebuds to all this band has to offer. Do them and yourself a favor and purchase this one. The cd is available on iTunes and Amazon.


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