Saturday, August 25, 2012


CD: "Love Don't Run"
Artist: Steve Holy
Label: Curb
Release Date: September 2011
Official Website:
Twitter: @SteveHoly

Yeah yeah, I know, this one's been out for awhile but it's one I never got a chance to review with all the others cds I've been bombarded with the past year. I have to say, Steve Holy is one of music's most underrated and overlooked artists and I cannot understand for the life of me WHY this is. His talent, passion and vocals speak for themselves. He has this underlying sexiness and honesty about him that's appealing to female country fans and his down-home genuine Texas boy personality that appeals to male country fans. Combine that with powerhouse vocals, a shy playfulness and unbridled determination, you have the total package. Open your eyes and your ears, Steve Holy IS the total package and it's time that people see this about him. His is the kind of music country's been missing for awhile. "Hauled Off and Kissed Me", his latest single is a great song, upbeat, fun and reflects with perfect clarity Steve's personality. It's very reminiscent of his last charted #1 hit, "Brand New Girlfriend". I see a repeat of this in the very near future. Once this one gets out there, it's gonna hit the charts running. It's already made it's debut at #60 on the BDS radio charts. Billboard, pay attention! He can take you to the deepest parts of your emotions with ballads like "Love Don't Run" or give you that much needed confidence boost with songs like "Let The Sunshine In", and make you wanna stay in bed with the one you love listening to "Until the Rain Stops". His music makes you truly stop and listen and appreciate what music was meant to sound like through flawless vocals that seem to flow effortlessly straight from his heart. He puts nothing less than his best into everything he does but he's topped even his own personal best with this release. Best cd he's ever released ... I'll even go out on a limb and say one of the best CDs on shelves. Welcome back, Steve. We missed you.

You can purchase "Love Don't Run" and all of his music on iTunes and Amazon.

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