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Artist: Steve Holy
Venue: Prospectors Steakhouse and Saloon - Mt. Laurel, NJ
Date: 9/15/12

Before I get to the review of an outstanding show, I need to hit on first things first, a thank you to our "John" on the spot, John Lisa, for being on hand to cover this show for us, for his tremendous can do and will do attitude and love of music and a HUGE thank you to Steve and "Smack Daddy" for taking such good care of John and his wife while they were in attendance. 

John and I were in constant contact from the minute he arrived at the venue, which is what I try to do with all team members to ensure they're taken care of, have no problems and most importantly that they have a wonderful time while "working". By the way, have I mentioned how blessed I am to have John as part of this team, an integral and important part as well as one hell of a good guy and friend? There, now that's out of the way, back to show business ...

John arrived at the venue and at first was a little worried that there weren't that many people there but spoke to security who said there was a huge line about 200 people or more long clamoring to get in the door, was gonna be a good night. I love it when an artist has a great night like this was turning out to be. And as a side note to any artist, if you don't have a good night crowd-wise, don't assume it's because of you, there are tons of outside factors that are more than likely the culprit. It doesn't matter how many are there, they ALL paid to see YOU so play like it's a sold out show and give it your best. That's exactly what Steve Holy does, shows his best side in EVERY situation (ladies, I'm not talking THAT best side ... ha ha!) and makes an audience feel appreciated and they know they're in for his best performance. This is just what he gave last night to the packed house at Prospectors.

You can always count on Steve to take time with his fans before each show. He truly takes real time with each one of them, talks to them as everyday people and gets to know them, listens to their stories and what they have to say and gives them that extra something most fans want, just a chance to say hello, get a hug and get an autograph. Last night, he had a rather large meet and greet and he stayed until each and every person was accomodated, not rushing them in and out the door. He keeps a smile on his face, he shows a genuine interest, signs whatever he's asked to sign and no fan will ever leave his meet and greet unhappy, I can promise you that. As a side note, typically a 21 and over venue, the owner of the venue had a birthday for a 13 year old and let the kids in the venue for about 30 min or so. Being a father himself, he knows and has a soft spot for the importance of children, so these kids were no exception, Steve took care of each one of them and made them feel like they were the most special people in the room. He even took time out for a group photo (you can see the photo in the photo gallery).

Steve took the stage and commanded it as he always does, giving one HELL of a performance, and giving it right from his heart. That's where most everything he does comes from so his live shows are no different, how can they be when that's all he knows? He performs with an obvious love for what he does which reflects in every move, every note, and every facial expression. He took the stage and kicked things off with one of my personal get up and go favorites, "If It Takes You Where You Wanna Go" from his "Love Don't Run" cd. Man I love that song, nothing kick starts a day like that one. With the energy level so high from the first song, he kept them on their feet with "Wrap Around", totally appropriate because he damn sure has the kind of energy level an audience can wrap around. He took it down a notch with "Don't Make Me Beg" and then brought out the big guns with his #1 hit, "Good Morning Beautiful". I'm sure there were a room full of weak kneed women in that place! Women LOVE that song and for good reason. We all wish we had a man that would tell us that same thing. Oh well, a girl can dream can't she? Oh well, at least we all have this song to count on. Steve kicked it back into full gear with his new single, "Hauled Off and Kissed Me". I absolutely love this one and judging by the attention it's getting nationwide, we just may be looking at another top charting hit for Steve. This one's very high energy, playful, and just fun which is something that radio's been missing for a couple of years (Oh and it just happened to come on my iPod while I'm writing this, how about that! LOL). I'm telling ya, this one's taking off like a freakin' bullet with a target and that target is a top ten hit, if not #1. Please call and request it on your local station. This IS the good stuff. Ok, sorry, got off on a promotions tangent there, back to the show. He played a set list with 18 well chosen songs, songs that show off every facet of his personality and his incredible vocal range. The remainder of the set list included:

"Men Buy the Drinks" - Again shows his playful side and his obvious appreciation for aggressive women. Being one of those kinda women, I can honestly say there's nothing wrong with that!
"Careful Where You Kiss Me"
"Love Don't Run" - This one is my personal favorite of any artist ballad. This one shows off a certain tenderness that only Steve can project, a vulnerability and his sensitive and honest emotional side. He loses himself in the song itself and the result is the feeling that he's singing directly to the heart of the listener, few artists can pull this off and I respect and admire that in his talent.
"Baby Don't Go"
"Until the Rain Stops" - An ultra sexy, steamy song that makes you wish it WOULD rain and you could stay in bed with the one you love until that last drop hits the ground. *Looks out window to see if it's raining yet*
"Easy" - a personal, tender rendition of the Lionel Richie/Commodores hit song infused with some of that Steve Holy soul. 
"Blue Moon" - LOVE THIS ONE
"Just Pretend"
"Pretty Woman" - This guy can sing Orbison like nobody can except Orbison. His live rendition of this is fantastic.
"Brand New Girlfriend" - What a way to end a show, you can't go wrong wrapping up with a kick ass #1 hit that EVERYONE knows the words to! I bet alot of women were wishing they were his brand new girlfriend after this show. 

I'm sure Prospectors can't wait to get Steve back in there, he really put on a great show and even though summer's winding down, he definitely brought the heat. Be sure to check out the entire set of photos in this concert photo gallery. If Steve brings his show to your local area or if you're not afraid of a road trip, he's definitely one you do not want to miss.

You can pick up Steve's latest cd, "Love Don't Run" which includes the title hit, "Hauled Off and Kissed Me", "If It Gets You Where You Wanna Go" and many other great songs on iTunes and You can also pick up Steve's other music there as well including "Brand New Girlfriend" and "Good Morning Beautiful". Your playlist needs this music!

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