Thursday, October 18, 2012


Steve Holy fans! We need your help to win this challenge tonight on Taste of Country. Please place your online vote once an hour and call as often as you can! This contest will more than likely be decided by phone in votes tonight. 

Josh Turner, Steve Holy
Rick Diamond / Jason Kempin, Getty Images

After thumping a country newcomer during yesterday’s Showdown, Josh Turner‘s new single will face a challenger with a little more pedigree on Thursday and Thursday night on Taste of Country Nights radio. ‘Find Me a Baby’ was just too good for Jaida Dreyer fans to top on Wednesday. Now, the sweet new love song will take on Steve Holy‘s latest. 

Holy has released ‘Hauled Off and Kissed Me’ as his new single. The song brings back memories of his hit ‘Brand New Girlfriend.’ While the subject matter is different, it similarly relies on his mischievous sense of humor. The stakes are high for today’s Showdown, one expected to be decided by phone call votes tonight on the radio.

Listen to clips of both Turner’s and Holy’s songs and vote for your favorite on Taste of Country. You can vote once every hour online, so come back and vote often to be sure your artist wins. Hear the full versions of the songs tonight after 10PM on Taste of Country Nights. Help your favorite song win by placing additional votes at (888) 678-9995. Call as many times as you like! You can listen to the show online through any of the 41 radio stations that carry it. Voting will end tonight at 10:40PM CT. ~ Billy Dukes, Taste of Country

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