Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Could sure use your help each night on the KRTY Hot 9 at 9. Steve Holy is STILL in the countdown of the 9 hottest songs in San Jose after 70 days with his new single, "Hauled Off and Kissed Me." We could use your voice to keep him there and help get him back up to #1. At 11pm ET / 10pm CT / 8pm PT, please tweet @IndianaAl, email him at and call him at 408-753-5789 with your vote for Steve. He's been the only artist to stay in the Hot 9 at 9 consecutively and not drop out since August 23 which is pretty much something that hasn't been done until now. Thank you for all your help in keeping good music on the radio where it should be!

The KRTY Hot 9 at 9 is held every weeknight (M-F) at 9pm PT with voting starting at 8pm PT. You can listen live to the results of the voting at This is a true countdown based on listener votes and interaction and it's so much fun! Come join us on Twitter every weeknight for the fun at @LovinLyrics and hashtag #Hot9at9. We post the results as they come in and have great conversations. It's a great way to interact with other country fans and with 3 of new country music's best friends, Indiana Al (@IndianaAl on Twitter) , Renee (@ReneeonKRTY on Twitter) and Eric Steele (@RealDealManOf on Twitter), the KRTY late night crew!

You can download "Hauled Off and Kissed Me" on iTunes and Amazon. Thank you for all of your support. Remember to keep requesting it on your local stations!

If your local station has a nightly countdown, please let us know about it! Remember, it takes a village to move a mountain and the strength of people in numbers is amazing to watch when results begin to happen.

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