Saturday, December 1, 2012


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Steve Holy's latest single "Hauled Off and Kissed Me," continues to draw attention from country radio and is getting great reviews from both radio and fans alike.

Fans are doing an awesome job of spreading the word and requesting on their local stations but we still need more help! If all of Steve's Street Team and fans took the time and made the effort to call in and request "Hauled Off.." the response would be absolutely phenomenal. It's up to us to help this song get the air play it deserves and give Steve the attention he's earned as an artist. 

If you're not a member of Steve's official street team, it's simple and free to join with awesome benefits. Just go to Steve's official website to sign up and get more info.


♫ Keep up with the latest Street Team news
♫ Street Team contest eligibility
♫ Participation Rewards
♫ Unique Prizes
♫ It's Free!    

Steve still needs YOUR help to get his single up the charts and keep his music spinning. Call in to your local country radio station and request "Hauled Off and Kissed Me" today! 

Continue to get the most up to date information on Steve by following him on twitter and become a member of #TeamHoly, making your voices heard nationwide,  facebook.  Also, keep an eye on his official website for more news!

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