Saturday, December 8, 2012


Scott DeCarlo is already deep into putting his next album together - but can’t produce it without your help! Without a record label to front the costs, everything is out-of-pocket for him and we all know how tough times are right now. Scott is a top shelf talent and needs us.

There's a great way for him raise money through Kickstarter. They let him post his financial goal to you and in return he offers rewards to everyone who contributes
Watch and listen to his video below and review the list of rewards by clicking on the link below. The rewards are posted on the right side of the page.

((((IMPORTANT)))) If Scott does not reach his goal of 60K by the date listed, he receives zero funds and none of you will be charged. Thank you for believing in Scott as much as we do. He is an amazing artist and an even more amazing person.

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