Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Artist: Aaron Lewis
Date: 1/25/13
Venue: Count Basie Theater
City: Red Bank, NJ

If you're wondering who Aaron Lewis is, you're probably not alone. Aaron, although a music veteran as the lead singer for the rock group Staind, is a newcomer to country music after making connection with his country roots in 2011 with his debut cd, "Town Line" and debut hit single, "Country Boy". Now that you know who he is, you need to see his live performance.

Aaron captivated those in attendance at his performance at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ on January 25, 2013. Lewis' simple acoustic style is effortless yet amazing, easy going yet powerful. Being in the  audience of an Aaron Lewis show is like sitting on the couch while he performs in your living room. He makes each performance personal, intimate and emotional. With his grainy, raspy vocals he can make you forget about everything and everyone around you except the song he's singing to you at that moment. His passion for music and for the songs he writes evident in every note, he pulls you into his world, into the story he's telling. With songs like "Massachusetts" and "The Story Never Ends", he tells you of his memories and pride of where he comes from, the love he has for his past, his present and his future. "The Story Never Ends" describes his neighborhood, the people he calls friends, and the place he calls home. He also shows his softer, sentimental side with "Tangled Up in You", a simple and compelling declaration of love to the one he loves. "Country Boy" is who Aaron Lewis is at heart, who he is proud to be. The rocker side of him may reflect in his tattoos, however the country side of him is what reflects from the underneath his deceiving appearance. He's a simple yet complicated man, proud, and honest in who he is and that is refreshing in today's country music world. He also performed two of his newest singles, "Endless Summer", a more upbeat tempo song and his latest hit, "Forever". 

Every Aaron Lewis show is one that you will remember, one that will measure miles above others, and will leave you with a feeling of respect for his music and a sense of pride as you climb into your car and head home. 

Thank you Aaron Lewis for what you do, how you do it and why you do it.

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Anonymous said...

I have been lucky enough to see Aaron with Staind four times and once solo...before he went Country. This was a fantastic review...he is a fantastic entertainer, who is also great with his fans! I cannot wait to see him again on his current tour in Denver, Colorado. I'm sure it will be a great show!