Friday, March 15, 2013

“Honor Thy Song” Concert To Remember Tim Johnson

Source: Music Row

In October 2012, the Nashville songwriting community lost friend and songwriter Tim Johnson. An “Honor Thy Song” concert will be held at the Ryman Auditorium in Johnson’s honor on May 7, beginning at 6 p.m. CT. The free event will essentially hold a dual purpose–it will be a tribute concert and a large song pitch session. More than a dozen hit songwriters and artists will gather to perform some of Johnson’s best unrecorded songs, in hopes of getting some of his songs recorded to bring in a lasting royalties stream for Johnson’s wife and children.

The event will feature Joey+Rory, Daryle Singletary, Rob Crosby, Marc Beeson, Brett Jones, Joe West, Will Robinson, Jamie Houston, Jimmy Wayne, James Dean Hicks and others. Each person who attends the event will receive an “Honor Thy Song” CD featuring 15 of his uncut songs.

Johnson was an established member of Nashville’s music community had more than 100 major label cuts to his credit, with some of his biggest hits including Diamond Rio’s “God Only Cries,” Wayne’s “Do You Believe Me Now,” and Singletary’s “I Let Her Lie.” His list of singles and cuts also includes Joey + Rory’s “Remember Me” and “That’s Important to Me,” Tim Rushlow’s “She Misses Him,” Jeannie Kendall’s “Out of Loneliness,” Rockie Lynne’s “I Can’t Believe It’s Me,” Tracy Lawrence’s “Up to Him,” Blaine Larsen’s “The Best Man,” Derek Sholl’s “When They Come Back,” and Doug Stone’s “Nice Problem.” Johnson’s “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” written with Jon Wolfe and James Dean Hicks, was recorded by Joe Nichols for his 2011 album release.

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