Thursday, April 25, 2013


Note: Sad to see that Due West has parted with Black River, however I'm sure with their talent, they'll be just fine and continue to bring us some of the best in quality music we are accustomed to. I'll let you know when they announce their Kickstarter project so stay tuned. We wish them well in whatever they wind up doing, they'll kick ass at it and we will continue to support them now and well into the future.


"After three years of doing business, our record contract with Black River Entertainment has come to a close. Our time on the label has been a great experience for us and we have grown a ton. The endeavor has lead us to many wonderful opportunities and contributed to notable progress in the Due West career. Most importantly, we’ve made some lifelong friends. We are truly grateful.

This next chapter brings with it some exciting freedoms that will empower us to get creative with the way we move forward. Our immediate order of business is to record and release NEW music! We have an ever-growing tour schedule this summer, and are determined to not leave Nashville without new, packaged Due West music in hand.

To keep the ball rolling on the next steps of our career, and since we no longer have the financial backing that a record label provides, we’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign. If successfully met, this campaign will allow us to move forward without delay. We’re turning to you, our friends, fans and family, to team up with us and make it happen!

Over the last few days we’ve shared some of our pledge reward ideas with you. As we put this campaign together, we’d love to hear some of your ideas of some incentives we could offer to those who pledge. Due in large part to your support and encouragement through the years, we’ve made it this far. We sincerely value your input and can’t wait to hear from you - we're hoping to launch the campaign in the next few days!"

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