Thursday, April 18, 2013


EP: "Krystal Keith"
Artist: Krystal Keith
Label: Showdog Universal Music
Release Date: April 16, 2013

She may be Toby Keith's pride and joy, but Krystal Keith proves she's more than just a country superstar's daughter, she's a great songwriter and artist in her own right. With a talent thicker than molasses running through her veins, her ability to touch the heart through her voice and words proves that she's got what it takes to make it on her own in this business. Krystal's voice is the perfect blend of "Whiskey and Lace", the title of her upcoming debut full length cd. It's a combination of softness with a rough edge. Until that cd is released, fans will just have to tide themselves over with this teasing 4 song EP.

In the debut single from the EP, the "lace" side of Krystal is revealed in "Daddy Dance With Me", a very personal musical gift written as a gift for her father that she "unwrapped" during the father-daughter dance at her wedding. The song is the ultimate thank you to any father from their daughter and is sure to bring tears to the eyes of those soft hearts that hear it. Wonderfully written and perfectly, yet simply sung, this one is already making an impact on fans everywhere. We hope country radio sees what we see in it, a radio ready emotional hit. "Can't Buy You Money", featured on Toby's earlier cd, "White Trash with Money" is her strongest song, vocally, on the EP. It showcases her vocal range and shows that she's not another "one octave wonder". It's obvious that Toby's influence is sandwiched in between layers of her own personality in this one and also in "What Did You Think I'd Do", just the title screams Toby, but we like it and we're good with it. I think once the entire full length cd is released, we'll have a deeper, more concrete idea as to the kind of artist Krystal is determined to be. Until that cd is available, we can say that "we like her, we REALLY REALLY like her" and think you will too.

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