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Newly signed Showdog Univeral artist Krystal Keith may be the daughter of one of country's biggest stars, Toby Keith, but her light shines bright on it's own. A very talented singer/songwriter with drive and ambition stronger than any top shelf whiskey, Krystal recently released her debut EP, "Krystal Keith" and premiered the video for her first single, "Daddy Dance With Me". We wanted to find out more about Krystal, both as an artist and as a person and thought you might want some insight as well. Thanks to Krystal for taking the time out of her crazy schedule to share some thoughts with us and help us get to know her better. We can't wait to hear her debut full length cd, "Whiskey and Lace". We'll let you know as soon as we get the word on a release date! 

Q1: People know you for being the daughter of Toby Keith and it's obvious that 
the same talent runs thick in your veins as well. How hard do you find it to 
separate your music from the fact that you are the daughter of a country 
superstar? His influence is obviously important and huge part of who you are but 
do you find it difficult sometimes to stand alone on your own merits? Do people 
always expect you to be like your dad? What similarities and differences do you 
find that you have when it comes to your music?

It isn't difficult to separate. I speak my mind when I feel strongly about an aspect of my music or career, and my team including my dad respects those opinions and ideas. I have had amazing support with the release of this EP, I feel like I've always stood on my own merits. Sure, I have been blessed with opportunities that not every new artist gets, but as I've said before, I won't apologize for that. I am the one putting in the work. As far as similarities go, we both have a love and appreciation for old classics. I think you see a lot of that shine through in both of our music. As far as differences, for starters, I am a girl so I have a different outlook on the world. We have more similarities than differences for sure, again, he raised me, I can't and wouldn't want to get away from that, its who I am.

Q2: Aside from your dad, what other influences led you to take the road to 
music? What was that one moment that made you realize that was what you wanted 
to do?

There wasn't a moment when I decided that I would get into music,  I don't remember a time when music wasn't my plan. I grew up on Patsy Cline, KT Oslin, Skeeter Davis, Willie, Waylon, Johnny Cash. Music was such a huge part of our lives. Anyone that sat on my couch at any given time was, in my opinion, part of my audience and they were subject to a performance. 

Q3: You just released the song, "Daddy Dance with Me" which is on your debut EP. 
The song has a very special and personal meaning to you. For those who might not 
know the story behind the song, tell us a little bit about it - how it came 
about, how it felt to you knowing how it would affect your father and how it did 
affect both of you when you first performed it for him. How special was that 
moment to you?

I wanted a song that would honor him and could be my gift to him. When writing the song we wanted to paint a picture of my childhood so that each line would have a personal meaning. I was absolutely wearing my ballerina outfit at the same time as my muddy tennis shoes. I was a girly tom-boy. I guess I have always been a walking contradiction of sorts. He didn't know anything about the song. I called his team and got a studio set up and got it all done behiind his back. The first time he heard the song was when we were walking out on the dance floor. He was shocked and started asking a million questions, the how, when, where, who's. Needless to say, he didn't actually hear much of the song. I had officially pulled on over on him, which is impossible to do. There wasn't a dry eye in the entire room. Once we walked off the stage my husband asked him if it got to him, and he said "I almost shed a tear, but I'm a professional"

Q4: If you could describe your music in 3 words, what words would you use?

Honest, emotion-evoking (that counts as 1 right?) , Versatile

Q5: I'm sure "Daddy Dance with Me" is your favorite song on the EP for obvious 
reasons, but if it weren't, which song would be and why?

I'd have to say "Doin It" because it is so catchy, it gets into your head and just makes you happy!

Q6: What's the best advice you've ever received and how has it helped you? 

To stay grounded and never forget where you came from.

Q7: Your dad calls your music "Country as Cornbread". What would you call your 
music? What would you call HIS music?

I'd say he's pretty spot on. You'll hear a lot of old school country influence in my music. I would call his music southern eclecticism at its finest, he can do anything. To hear some of the stuff he has done with Incognito Bandito blows my mind.

Q8: You're not only a singer, you're a great songwriter having written with some 
of the best names in the business such as Rodney Clawson and Bobby Pinson just 
to name a couple. Have you ever written a song and just sat back and thought, 
"Wow, I can't believe I just wrote that?", a song that just deeply affected you, 
aside from "Daddy Dance with Me"? Where do you typically find your inspiration 
for writing? 

That's what I think after every song I write with those guys. Of course, I have written my share of crap, but when you are in a room with writers like Bobby or Rodney, you're on a whole different playing field and it really challenges you to step up your game. Just recently I wrote a song called "Get Your Redneck On" with Nathan Chapman (who produced all of Taylor Swift's first 4 albums) and walked away so excited that I played it for anyone that would listen. 

Q9: What do you want people to take away from your music? What do you want them
to remember about you?

I hope that my music evokes some sort of emotion. I really took my time writing and choosing songs for my album and I have a personal connection with each and every song. I have songs that for me are nostalgic, heartbreaking, maddening, and I hope that people walk away feeling like as they go through the album they have a wave of emotions too. 

Q10: Just a random question ... if we looked on your playlist right now, what
song might we find that we wouldn't expect to find? Any Barry Manilow, Abba,

I have everything from Al Green to ZZ Top to Salt and Peppa to Jack Johnson. I have a very broad spectrum of music I listen to. 

Q11: Thomas Rhett sang about having a beer with Jesus, If you could have a deep
and meaningful conversation with any 3 people, living or dead, who would they be
and why?

Jesus is a pretty good one, lots of questions for him.
Patsy Cline, she is my ultimate favorite.
Princess Diana, she was such a humanitarian and I always thought that was amazing. I would love to hear stories about some of the organizations she worked with and how they affected her. 

Q12: One last thing, you have your first full length cd on the way, "Whiskey and
Lace" - when can we expect the release? If you had to "sell" the cd, how would
you personally pitch it to your fans?

We don't have a release date just yet, we have been so busy trying to get the EP out that we haven't gotten to look that far ahead yet. I would say that the album is a compilation of who I am, there is everything from laid back country to blues to rock. You won't be disappointed.

You can find Krystal online at any of the following places - connect with her, say hello and let her know what you think of the new EP!

Official Website - www.krystalkeith.com
"Follow" Krystal on Twitter - @KrystalKeith
"Like" Krystal on Facebook - www.facebook.com/KrystalKeithMusic

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