Thursday, April 4, 2013


Your voices are making a difference for new artists. Take a look at the results of your requests and how they positively affected their Music Row Country Chart movement. Keep speaking out and spreading the word!

It takes time, so be patient and above all, be kind when you're calling these radio stations. Don't be demanding, don't get angry if they don't have the song you want or if they won't play it. Thank them and move on to another station. Remember, it's not the dj's fault, they are pretty much told what they can and cannot play, so don't take out your frustration on them. Also, don't "over request", you don't want to make them sick of the song before it even gets played. Remember, you're there for the artist and in calling stations, you are somewhat representing that artist, so keep it cool.

LW=Last Week's position / TW=This Week's position

LW 82, TW 79 - Jason Charles Miller,  "The Way You Still Want Me'
LW 81, TW 75 - Rosehill, "Did You Ever Turn Around"

LW 88, TW 66 - Casey James, "The Good Life"
LW 68, TW 59 - Drake White, "The Simple Life"
LW 65, TW 51 - One Night Rodeo, "After Beautiful"
LW 61, TW 46 - Kacey Musgraves, "Blowin' Smoke"
LW 50, TW 44 - Rachel Holder, "Five Days"
LW 39, TW 37 - Josh Pruno, "23rd Psalm"
LW 38, TW 36 - Phil Vassar, "Love is Alive"
LW 29, TW 25 - Joel Crouse, "If You Want Some"
LW 28, TW 24 - Greg Bates, "Fill in the Blank"
LW 25, TW 23 - Eric Lee Beddingfield, "That Ol' Outlaw Song"
LW 24, TW 22 - Easton Corbin, "All Over the Road"
LW 21, TW 19 - Jerrod Niemann, "Only God Could Love You More"
LW 20, TW 18 - Kip Moore, "Hey Pretty Girl"

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