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Personal Note: Country music has always strived to be a genre where music has meaning, tells a story and makes those listening REALLY LISTEN to what it's saying. Joe Bachman has released a song that does just that, "A Soldier's Memoir (PTSD Song)."

Unfortunately, far too many of us can relate to the message of this song. Many of us have loved ones and friends in the military who are affected by post traumatic stress disorder. It's a terrible thing and seems to be overlooked or undiagnosed too often. Many of our troops suffer just as much coming home from being at war than they did being in the middle of it and it's something we should all pay attention to and do what we can to help, to understand. They need us. 

Thank you to Joe Bachman for delivering this message in a gentle, yet emotionally effective manner. This song is amazing and if you have a heart at all, it will hit you right in the middle of it. Please go purchase this song on iTunes or Amazon and request it on your local stations. Let's show those who sacrifice for us that we care and we support.

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Joe Bachman - "A Soldier's Memoir (PTSD Song)" -Impacting Country Radio on July 23rd

“Approximately 4 months ago, one of my best friends (a Psychiatrist for the US Navy) reached out to me about something he deals with on a daily basis. He spoke to me in depth about the struggles of PTSD amongst our Armed Forces and how difficult it is for most of them to speak about it. We spent several hours on the phone/email that day and he inspired me to write a song about this difficult issue that plagues so many of our troops and their families. I spoke with my father (retired US Army) and several other friends that have served or are currently serving. I wrote this song with a great buddy of mine in Nashville and we just recently recorded it. We have been playing it at every radio and live performance on our current tour and the response has been unbelievable. More than one on-air DJ actually cried during the song. Very very touching...”  ~ Joe Bachman

You can find Joe online at and follow him on Twitter at @joebachman. Go say hello and thank him for caring enough to release this song.

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