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Denim’s parody song, “Cover Of The Field & Stream," ft. Rodney Carrington strikes a chord

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Friday, July 19, 2013) – The firestorm of criticism over the latest Rolling Stone magazine cover, on-stands today, prompted a heated debate from several of country’s biggest stars, and those from Joe Denim just may strike a chord with others who are outraged by the cover. Denim, well-known comedian, songwriter and recording artist who co-wrote Jaron And The Long Road To Love’s multi-platinum-selling hit “Pray For You,” wittily claims the “Cover Of The Field & Stream” is now the only ‘rockstar’ place to be, in reference to one of his latest parody songs, now available on iTunes.

“It’s peculiar to me as an entertainer that it’s so impossible to get on the cover of Rolling Stone. There are millions of success stories that will never make the cover... yet to think that Rolling Stone chose to use that powerful platform to glorify a killer... a monster... someone who is so cowardly that he killed innocent children and American citizens --- it’s unbelievable to me. Everybody has the right to print, write, sing or say whatever they want, but they have a social responsibility to do what is right with the platform they have, and I think Rolling Stone is totally in the wrong here,” Denim shares.

It just so happens earlier this year, Denim teamed up with legendary guitarist/producer/songwriter Steve Cropper (“Sittin On The Dock of The Bay”, “Soul Man”, “Knock On Wood”, “In The Midnight Hour”) and Brian Mabry to write “Cover of The Field & Stream” - a parody to the well-known 70’s song, “Cover Of The Rolling Stone.” When it came time to record the song for Joe’s forthcoming album, he immediately joined forces with his good friend, stand-up comedian/network TV star/multi-platinum recording artist Rodney Carrington, who Denim says “has the ability to find the funny in every situation.” Produced by Grammy Award-winning Toby Wright, the song was brought to life in a comedic salute to the hunting and fishing culture. Today, it takes on a whole new meaning for Denim who thinks its message is the more honorable feat to attain.

“If I wanted to become an instant rockstar to all my friends and have them buy me free drinks and drive me around in their truck, all I’d need to do is be on the cover of the Field & Stream,” Denim says. “That’d be a dream come true! And after today's events with the Rolling Stone cover, that’s the only place I want to be.”

"Cover Of The Field & Stream" by Joe Denim ft. Rodney Carrington
Lyrics by: Steve Cropper, Joe Denim and Brian Mabry ©2013

Well we're big country singers, we like chicken fingers, and we get 'em everywhere we go; We sing about women, we sing about whiskey, 50 thousand dollars a show; We sip all kids a shine gets us seein' things but the things we ain't ever seen; Is the thing that'll getcha when you get your picture on the Cover of the Field & Stream

“The Cover Of The Field & Stream” will make its debut on Denim's forthcoming album and is now available for download on iTunes and other digital retail stores.

Having toured over the years with country stars Steve Holy, Jaron and The Long Road To Love, and as part of the Going Coastal Tour with Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker, Denim continues to bring his clever, comedic tunes to fans nationwide.

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