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Every Monday is known as "Music Monday" in the world of social media.You may see it on Twitter listed as #MusicMonday or #MM. It's the day where music fans showcase, show appreciation and tell others about their favorite artists. Below are some of the responses we got from fans today telling us who their favorite artists are, what makes the spend their hard earned money on their music and if they've had any personal interaction with the artist that made an impression on them. We'd like to share those with you and maybe some of these artists will become one of your favorites too.


‏@MegsMegafans - "Definitely @meghanlinsey! Why? "Cause she is the sweetest person ever & is so appreciative & loves everyone & is so talented!!!"

 ‏@BINJURED - "@ChristianKane01 is my fav bc he's sweet,sexy, sings great, acts great, he's humble and accessible! Oh and did I mention SEXY!"

 ‏@flybaby014563 - "My favorite artist is @jrodfromoz! Very talented country artist and a sweet guy too!"

@LVkareng - "@ChristianKane01 is my fav artist. He's warm, fan friendly, exceptionally talented and deserves so much more recognition."

‏@michellebourey  - "@jakeowen will always be a favorite. Not only is he an amazing performer, but he's so great with his fans."

 ‏@Plouffe24Fan  - "@jamey_johnson is my favorite artist. He plays and sings from the heart with soul."

@SleeplessinVa1 - "I can't pick just 1 Brooks Dunn Reba Martina Darius Toby they have all gotten my through battle w/ breast cancer strength 2 fight"

 ‏@southernathart9 - "I just recently found out about @ClaytonGardner I'm in love with his music his voice is to die for what I hear a great guy!"

 ‏@rockinrobyn59 - "I'd say @caseyjames ! Awesome vocalist, songwriter & man- can he shred a guitar, plus he's SO good 2 his fans! #MusicMonday"

‏@EugeniaNicolet1 - "@ChristianKane01 is my fav,bc he's a very talented singer and actor.I love his voice and his music saved my day more than once."

@KaniacCrazy - "
@ChristianKane01 he goes out of his way to show his fans he cares."

 ‏@tweebaforever - "F
or me it's @BrendaBest! She's such a talented singer/songwriter and her songs and passion inspires me to follow my dreams!"

‏@kaniac1 - "
@ChristianKane01 because he sings what I feel."

@rockendog - "You know
 it's @CaseyJames not only is he hugely talented he has a pure heart & soul & he puts it in2 all he does & all he is always."

@countryfan101 - "Too many to list: @steveholy @SawyerBrownLive @EmersonDrive @mindymccready for their kick ass music and live shows!!!"

 ‏@KellyWaters20 - "@DuaneAllen @joebonsall @oakridgeboys They're very kind and great mentors and their harmonies are indescribable except WOW!!"

@Kai_LifeIsGood  - "My all time favorite artists is @billycurrington his voice brings sunshine to my soul!!"


Kay Higginbotham - "Tate Stevens. He has the true country flavor in his songs. He loves his audiences and always make them smile because of his smile. To me he is as good as Garth. They both love to perform for their fans."

Travis Michael Gellinger - "Eric Church brought my attitude out and inspired me to write the first time I'd seen him live in 2010 with Gretchen Wilson."

Shawn Smith - "Old Southern Moonshine Revival because they kick ass."

Lisa Gutierrez - "Bucky Covington. First time I met him it was liking talking to an old friend. 60+ shows, 6 years, thousands of miles later, nothing has changed. Parmalee too. Both of them, some of the most humble down to earth guys that have never given up their dreams no matter what is thrown in their way as a road block. Love them!"

Robyn Patrylo - "Eric Paslay!"

Nona Wallert - "Christian Kane! He is the only true to himself and true to his fans Artist I know! He's not into the music for the recognition so much as for the longevity. He just wants to make music people will listen to!"

Amanda Mance - "Jason Michael Carroll can't say enough about this man his music is amazing has the greatest personality awesome with his fans!"

JoAnne Merchant - "Tate Stevens is my favourite artist of all. I first seen him on XF and have now become a loyal fan. He displays the love he has for his wife and family and is the real deal. He sings his heart out for the fans and the passion in his voice is undeniable. I hadn't followed country music for the last 10 yrs, I had just grown tired of it...that is until I heard Tate Stevens sing. He has the funniest sense of humour and always takes time to do meet & greets before or after his concerts. His new music will be out soon and I've been anticipating buying it the day it becomes available. From the snippets I've already heard of some of the songs it's going to be a hit!!!"

Teri Dimmett - "I don't have one favorite, I have many! But I will mention Ryan Broshear here because he's fairly new and really needs to be heard by potential new fans! His music is real, written from the heart and awesome! He's very appreciative of his fans and is not afraid to look them in the eye when telling them so! He has a great personality and a equally talented & friendly wife Amie Metze Broshear Together they are a team that will soon be a big name in the bizz!!! Get to know his music, you will not be disappointed!"

Joyce Wright - "Blackberry Smoke. They are simply the best band you've never heard."

Sara Jean - "Frankie Ballard! His music always puts me in a good mood and his live shows are ELECTRIC!!! He's always so sweet whenever I see him (which has been many times over the past four years) an he does so much for his fans! He just got his first top 5 with "Helluva Life" and his new album just came out called "Sunshine and Whiskey!" You won't regret picking it up, and if you have a chance to go see him, do it!!!!"

Katie Brickner - "Canaan Smith! I discovered his music when Sugarland announced that he was opening for them for the "In The Hands of the Fans" tour. I checked his music out on youtube before I went to the concert and absolutely fell in love. I went to a second Sugarland concert and sang to every word of his and have been following his music ever since. His music is so pure, fun, loving, charming and simply has such a cool vibe and it is so intriguing! It is alittle different than mainstream country and that is why I love it. He has his own style. My best friend somehow got hold of him at a concert when I was walking around after the show and tried to get him to play LIVE at my wedding as a surprise. As he was out of town that week, he in turn sent her a video for my husband and I wishing us well and it was played at our reception and we danced to his song "We Got Us". He is one of the most down-to-earth artists I have ever met and truly connects with his fans! I highly suggest his music! Go to a live show and you will be hooked!"

Toni Stasio - "Brenda Best! Not only is she a extremely talented singer and songwriter she truly cares about her fans. Personally she has inspired me to follow my dreams and work hard for what I want."

Misty Lowery - "Jason Michael Carroll has an amazing voice. He is an ask around nice guy he doesn't just get on stage do his thing and go. He loves to hang out with his htfs and have a good time couldn't ask for a better artist."

Norma Young - "Jeff Bates. He treats his fans like they are his friends.Hes the real thing - Real Genuine!!!"

Tracy Medley - "I'm a huge Tate Stevens fan!! I have followed him since X Factor!! I have been to 3 concerts and his water tower ceremony!! He has taken the time to talk with all his fans!! He is such a great guy, you can tell he loves his family. I can't wait for his new album that will be coming out soon!! I will always support Tate any way I can!! Something I have never done with any other artist!! If you haven't heard him you should really check him out!!"

Autumn Carly Morgan Chamberlin - "I am liking Aaron Crawford right now. down to earth and a nice guy. he will be a huge star!"

Kandie Lee Tyra Ward - "Christan Kane his music is really great and he deserves more credit than he gets for it."

Jennifer Smith - "I have to go with Steve Holy. He's been a patient guy with the way his career has been handled, he's maintained a positive attitude, always put out quality music and has never forgotten where he came from and those that bought his music and supported him the whole way. He's got a wicked sense of humor, a shy vulnerability, a penchant for trouble and a heart as big as Texas. He's been very supportive of those who support him and you can't beat that in an artist. I also have to say the Oak Ridge Boys. Duane, Joe, Richard, William Lee and as a matter of fact, the entire crew from the boys to the band to the back office to the road crew. They have ALWAYS been some of the kindest, most giving people. They always give back, no matter how big or how small. They more than make efforts with their fans, their shows are always top shelf entertainment and they do it for the love of the music. They could have stopped years ago, they have the money, they've reached the pinnacle of success but yet they are on that road night after night, stage after stage, city after city just doing what they love for those that they love. How can you beat that?

Sandy Marowitz - "Christian Kane is hands down my favorite artist. Listening to his beautiful voice when he sings, and watching his amazing acting on TV and in movies .. he soothes my soul! He's the most humble artist I can think of!!"

Thank you for all of your feedback! Let's keep this going every Monday and shine the light on those that have your support so we can connect others with their music as well!

Happy Music Monday!

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