Monday, April 7, 2014


Single: "We'll Get By (The Autism Song)"
Artist: Johnny Orr Band
Reviewer: Han Van Meegerin
Twitter: @HanVanMeegerin

Johnny Orr's voice soothes and comforts as he offers, We'll Get By (The Autism Song), a vision of life through the eyes of an individual touched with autism. Autism is not just a condition, it is a way of life. Though many with autism live in a solitary prison, it tends to be a family and community affair.

Merle Haggard sings of being A Branded Man upon release from prison. Those with autism are branded while their condition imprisons them.

David Allen Coe's You Never Even Call Me by My Name, defines a  perfect country and western song as one that speaks of mama and prison. Simply by that standard, Johnny Orr aces his song. However, his perfection cuts deeper as he drives his nails through the body and finds the soul. He finds his mark, but leaves no scar.

Here's reality for you: If autism is your way of life; as the prisoner, the parent, the educator or significant other, Johnny Orr will touch your chord and find your voice. Listen to the We'll Get By (The Autism Song), watch the video, buy the single and then spread the word. In short, make a difference.

Connect with Johnny online:
Twitter: @JohnnyOrrBand

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