Friday, May 23, 2014


There's nothing better than a quiet Sunday dinner with your family and friends, talk about your day, just spend quality time together, making great conversation between bites. Since we love to get your feedback and thoughts on things, we though we'd ask you which 3 artists you'd choose to invite to your Sunday dinner. From the answers we go, sure looks like some interesting conversations would be going on.

Marnie Beardmore Miller said: "Christian Kane , John Rich & Blake Shelton"

Denise Weber Packham said: "Hmmm....Vince Gill, Blake Shelton and Clay Walker. "

Cindy Walley Chang said: "Big Kenny, Keith Urban, & Blake Shelton. One for his big heart, one for his sweet soul and nice looks, and one for laughs."

Mary E. Brewer said: "Christian Kane would be the only choice for me.."

Howie Garoutte said: "The Oak Ridge Boys, Johnny Cash and Crystal Gayle."

Bobby Ray Bittle said: "Waylon, Elvis and Prince."

Danielle Mann said: "Dolly, Reba and Brantley Gilbert."

Lauren Kay said: "Cher, Dolly, and Carol Burnett - my 3 most favorite women in the world."

Travis Michael Gellinger said: "Eric Church, Brantley Gilbert, and Brian Davis......that's a good night!"

Robyn Patrylo said: "Willie Nelson, Brantley Gilbert, and Justin Moore."

Michele Case would invite: "Christian Kane, Toby Keith, & Charlie Daniels"

Leslie Peterson's dinner table would include "ChristianKane , George Strait, Jason Aldean"

Kalli Maxwell's perfect dinner dates would be "Christian Kane, Blake Shelton, Sebastian Bach"

Dede Taylor says "ChristianKane Johnny Cash and Dave Bray"

Dawn Jakubowski Falk chose "Christian Kane Daryl Hall & for Sara (my daughter) Michael Jackson"

Laura Flynn Manners said "Renoir, Picasso and Van Gogh......ha ha just kidding... Christian Kane (naturally), Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton - wonder how that little shindig would go down ..... "

Valerie Crispen's reply was "Jason Michael Carroll, Luke Bryan and Justin Moore"

Lana Foster has her invite out for "Tate Stevens, Tate Stevens and Tate Stevens, I want him all for myself Even though I'm old enough to be his mother, want to talk in a motherly way, I love this young man's voice!!!"

Melissa Dellomo also chose "Tate Stevens", along with "Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley"

Autumn Chamberlin decided on "Garth Brooks, Brantley Gilbert and Chuck Wicks"

Linda Irving said: "Christian Kane, Steve Carlson (they'd do the cooking  ) & Jason Manns."

Hope Sorrell went with "Christian Kane, Blake Shelton and Johnny Cash."

Nancy Callahan's reply was "Johnny Cash, Christian Kane, and Garth Brooks (who I knew in college:) )."

Jacquie Wallis said her choices would be "Christian Kane (always my #1 choice), Carol Channing (not country, but funny as all get out) & Garth Brooks because #ChristianKane would get a real kick out of that, being that Garth is one of his 'biggest musical influences'."

Ann Ryce chose to share her Sunday dinner with "Christian Kane, Christian Kane and of course Christian Kane!"

Danielle Collier thinks "Jason Michael Carroll, Charlie Daniels and Keith Urban" would make great dinnner conversation.

Mark Miller said he'd like to spend his time getting to know "Jason Michael Carroll, Waylon Jennings, and Charlie Daniels!"

Rita Deere chose "Tate Stevens, Vince Gill, and Loretta Lynn"

Bobby Sollars thought "Tate Stevens, Garth Brooks, and Jon Bon Jovi" would be a good time!

JoAnne Merchant replied with "Tate Stevens, Garth Brooks & Loretta Lynn"'

Donna Grimald's choices were "Charlie Daniels, Larry Gatlin & John Rich"

Keith Verdee said "Kevin Fowler, George Strait, and Miranda Lambert (before Blake)"

Jeffrey Davis thought a dinner with "Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson and Ronnie Dunn" would produce interesting conversation.

Teri Dimmett would love to sit down with "Ryan Broshear, Merle Haggard & Blake Shelton"
Willow Warden said "Kenny Chesney , Jake Owen and Zac Brown"

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